The Niger government has ordered the French ambassador to leave the country. They are threatening to use military force if the French do not comply.


France is crying about it and claiming that they have no authority to order them to do anything.


Well, the people of Niger support this government and they are preparing to storm French military installations if they do not leave.



Niger is an African country that simply got tired of being threatened and coerced into doing things against their interests by the West. The leader who they overthrew was nothing more than a corrupt ZOG puppet of the West.

The United States has specifically tried to get African countries to legalize gay butt sex even though Africans generally don’t like gay butt sex. They even went so far as to put sanctions on Uganda because they passed laws against gay butt sex.

There is a large part of Africa that doesn’t want to deal with the West any longer because of all of this. It is why many African countries are seeking to do business with Russia and China who treat them as mutual partners. They aren’t trying to latch on to them like a parasite.

Either way, it looks like things could start heating up in Niger over the next few days. It will be interesting to see how it all unfolds.