Almost 90 percent of Israelis support the United States right now.


Public support for the US among Israelis has reached a two-decade high, according to a new survey of residents in 23 nations. While backing for Washington has generally declined across Europe, Poland remains an exception and demonstrates the highest level of support.

Asked about their views toward the US for a Pew survey published on Tuesday, 87% of Israelis polled said their opinion was generally favorable, with just 12% responding in the negative. That figure is the highest since Pew started conducting the survey in Israel in 2003, with ratings steadily creeping upward.

This is not shocking at all.

That’s because the US is literally run by Jews and is using America to push Jew agendas. Just look at how many Jews hold cabinet positions or important positions of influence in the current regime. It is utterly ridiculous.

Comment:  Pictured is Victoria Nudelman of the State Dept who has created foreign policy to Mass Murder Ukrainians in her insane drive for WW3 with Russia.