The Jew news media is bringing up social security and saying that if the debt limit isn’t raised, the whole program will be threatened.



Well, fuck social security.

The country is already experiencing an economic and social collapse. Social security and all these other government programs will be ending one way or another if this continues.

There’s also countless other places where spending could be cut outside of social security. Like let’s say for example the endless number of US military bases around the world. Or how about ending the billions of dollars being spent in the Ukraine on that dumbass Jew war?

Speaking of foreign aid, why does Israel need American money? Fuck those demonic kikes. Let them print their own shekels.

The US government is a cesspit of endless waste. There’s plenty of programs, agencies and institutions and aid programs that could be cut before social security.

With that said, I don’t give a shit if social security or any other government program gets shut down if there is at least an attempt to fix the many insane problems we have. Republicans won’t do it though. This is all theater as it has been every single time before. I’ll literally shit my pants if Kevin McCarthy doesn’t cave to every Democrat demand.