Angelina Jolie Is Being Compared To Amber Heard Over Physical Abuse Allegations On Brad Pitt Once Again!
Angelina Jolie Compared To Amber Heard Over Physical Abuse Allegations On Brad Pitt Once Again, Netizens Say “She’s More Dangerous” ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

For the longest time, Hollywood fans had been indulged in the televised trial of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp at the Virginia court. The duo has been fighting legally ever since they got divorced back in 2017. There have been allegations of domestic violence, physical abuse, infidelity and whatnot! But now, Angelina Jolie is being compared to the Aquaman star once again as fans refuse to believe allegations on Brad Pitt. Scroll below for details!

In the latest court proceedings, Angie has accused Brad of physically abusing her and their children during their infamous 2016 altercation on plane. She claimed that the actor choked one of their children and struck another on the face.

The court documents obtained by Page Six also revealed that Angelina Jolie claims Brad Pitt “grabbed her by the head and shook her.” In addition, “at one point, he poured beer on Jolie.” She also accused him of pouring beer and red wine on their children.

A social media user took to Twitter and shared a screenshot of the news article. Soon after, Brad Pitt fans bombarded the comment section and began comparing Angelina Jolie to Amber Heard.

A user wrote, “Now tell me the difference between Amber Heard and Angelina Jolie apart from their age difference: husband snatching, knife loving, blood carrying, public manipulating, tears faking, news planting, narcissistic and vindictive personality traits, playbook of men hating agenda. etc.”

A comment read, “Oh shes taking the Amber Heard route.”

“lol. what is it with these women. they are crazy. here is a lesson for every man – don’t just fall for external beauty. you should really get to know the person you’re going to marry and her previous male relationships – incl. her own dad. yup Freudian shit too,” another wrote.

A tweet read, “Ye ambar se bhi khatarnak hai… Usse Kai jyada ethe hai….100mn… (She’s more dangerous than Amber Heard).”


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Brad Pitt Gets Compared To Johnny Depp Amid New Allegations Of Abuse By Angelina Jolie, Netizens React, “Brad’s Well-Financed PR Is Going To Do To Jolie What Johnny’s Did To Amber Heard”

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