Russians Are the Heroes, Hear This & Weep!

My Comment:  I have absolutely No Doubt Bill Gates is Involved in these labs as Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinics is a GATES CREATION and they Profit off of killing babies.  I bet Bill Gates and the CIA are now profiting off of killing these Childrens.  Likely, Angie Jolie went to Ukraine to pick up the ADRENOCHROME so that Hollywood has it.  She is a Satanist as is Bill Gates.  Both Belong to the Cabal and both are promoted by the Cabal who OWNS the U.S. Media.  They are all Child Rapists, Severe Child Abusers and Satanists.  No one believed me but One Day the Evidence will be Overwhelming and The Russians Will Provide it!

Victoria Nuland (pictured) admitted U.S. had BIOLABS in Ukraine.  She left out the child trafficking and organ harvesting.

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