FLASHBACK: On September 5th 2019, this Swedish anon warned about the coming pandemic and the vaxxx. The post is real & archived. Make of it what you will.

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Imagine injecting mRNA covered in nano-lipids, which enter ALL your organs and blood vessels, which then go into random cells and instruct them to create toxic spike proteins until they explode and release spikes everywhere… and think there are no side effects from this.

I mean, seriously, how fucking stupid can you be?

This whole “vaccine” situation made me fully realize just how idiotic and uneducated people are. I took AP bio, AP chem, and AP physics in high school, then I majored in mathematics and physics in college… but I STILL took college level bio and chemistry courses my freshman and sophomore year.

So to me, it was fucking obvious that this kind of mRNA shot would have SOME kind of devastating, long term or potentially permanent side effects. How you could NOT think bad things would happen by rolling out this “vaccine” in under a year, with rushed science and $$$ to be made, is beyond me.

Then I realized, most people actually haven’t even taken a biology or chemistry course in their life. They literally understand NOTHING about the human body and how complex things are, or how things work, and are not exposed to medical history of “doctors” and pharmaceutical researchers fucking up OVER AND OVER again, every decade, on things much less complex and invasive than mRNA technology.


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