The $1.7 trillion omnibus disaster of a bill just passed both the House and Senate. 18 Republicans supported the bill in the Senate.



I’m not surprised at all that this passed. I said that it would be supported by basically all Democrats and a handful of RINO shills.

Hilariously, AOC was the only Democrat to vote against it. My guess is that she did this out of spite since she is being investigated by the House Ethics Committee for something.


I don’t even know everything that’s in this bill because it is 4,000+ pages and nobody has time to read through all of that. The only thing I know is that it has a bunch of horrible shit in it and is nothing more than a mass looting of the American taxpayer.

This is the product of a totally corrupt and evil system. No system this corrupt has ever been able to stand the test of time. History shows that these systems eventually collapse and the collapse is usually quite ugly and chaotic.