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More Evidence of Russia’s Lack of Political Realism

More Evidence of Russia’s Lack of Political Realism

Russian toleration of US neoconservative ambition is leading to war

Paul Craig Roberts

In her weekly briefing, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zakharova asks the “gentlemen of Brussels and Lithuania” if Russia’s understanding is correct that “you have unleashed a war?”  Why does she have to ask the question?  Why not make a declarative statement?

Washington is brewing endless problems for Russia.  Washington  bribed the president of Kazakhstan, whose country Russia recently saved from a US sponsored color revolution, to embarrass Putin at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum by disagreeing with the Kremlin’s intervention in Donbass.  US agents are busy at work in Kazakhstan spreading fear that Kazakhstan is next on Putin’s list as he allegedly reconstructs the Soviet Empire.  It is Washington’s use of former Soviet provinces against Russia that will finally convince Russia that the dismantling of the empire was a major blunder as it created many new countries that Washington can turn against Russia.

Russia is in a very difficult situation, because her political sophistication or realism is insufficient to support her military capability.  The Kremlin is always reactive, never proactive and does not know how to protect Russia’s interest.  One important reason the process is loaded against Russia is that Washington has an expansionist ideology and Russia does not.  Washington is in pursuit of hegemony, and Russia just wants to be a respected member of the world community.  

This is insufficient ambition to deal with Washington’s neoconservatives who intend the destruction of Russia as a sovereign country with sufficient power to serve as a restraint on US unilateralism.  

On June 30, Russian President Putin commented on NATO’s inclusion of Finland and Sweden: “We do not have such problems with Sweden and Finland, which, unfortunately, we have with Ukraine. We have no territorial issues and disputes. We have nothing to worry about in terms of Finland and Sweden’s membership in NATO. They want to join NATO – please. Only they should clearly know that there were no threats to them before, but if military contingents and infrastructure are deployed there, we will have to respond in a mirror manner.”

Putin’s acceptance of NATO on Russia’s border for another 832 miles is inconsistent with Russia’s protests of NATO on her borders. It is inconsistent with Russia’s demand for mutual security. The West sees  Putin’s statement as acceptance and weakness.  It will encourage more provocations.

Comment:  I personally think it is Putin’s Strategy to buy time uniting the BRICs countries until together they are strong enough to stand Against the American Empire.  They will all make their surgical strike when America Collapses Economically.

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