Starving to Death in Shanghai and Biden Stays Silent as He Has Been Bought By China

RADIO APRIL 15, 2022

Screams in HELL as Starving People in Shanghai Are Screaming From Hunger Torture and Are Having Nervous Breakdowns. I don’t believe Covid is a Legitimate reason to lock down 26 Million People for less than 1,000 cases with symptoms. Sounds like political corruption to me as China is under control of the Criminal Syndicate: Rothschild, Rockefellers, etc.

Biden’s Shanghai SILENCE shows he’s been BOUGHT by China

The world — along with the Biden administration — SHOULD be outraged about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the destruction caused by President Putin. But there’s another ongoing crisis that deserves just as much furor from around the world — yet President Biden remains silent. Glenn details what’s currently happening in Shanghai, China, where millions of residents have been forced into their homes — without food — due to strict COVID lockdown measures. Shanghai residents are suffering immeasurably, and many of them already have succumbed over the last week to the Chinese government’s brutality. We must DEMAND our President speak out against this tragedy because if he doesn’t, it further proves his administration has been BOUGHT AND SOLD by the CCP.


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GLENN: So yesterday, I have been so busy. I’m sorry to say. And following so many other stories. I have not really been following Shanghai, other than, you know, briefings. And I have neglected this story. Much to my shame. Yesterday, I spent the time to actually look at some of the videos. Tell me when you have videos ready. Are you ready?

Let me just start here. The U.S. has pulled all nonessential consulate employees from Shanghai while warning Americans not to travel to the major Chinese city because of a brutal lockdown, that could leave them separated from their kids. Didn’t we see something like that here in America? I mean, I just heard the story yesterday. Where somebody — where was it? In Chicago? Or maybe it was the Mayo Clinic. They were doing a kid any transplant. And it was the dad giving his kid any to his son. And his dad hadn’t had the vaccine. And so they wouldn’t take his kid any and give it to his son. May I ask the question, to all of the hospitals. You have a guy who is dying from a car wreck, or maybe already dead. But his kid any is still functioning, but he’s brain dead. Do you you not use his organs, because he didn’t have a vaccine? Do you even check on that?

This is insanity what is happening. And we still haven’t lifted our emergency. Our kids literally, according to teachers in Fairfax County. Kids now entering the first grade can’t even tie their shoes. They are so far behind. Our suicide rate is so high. And remember, China is the model on just about everything in America now.

The World Economic Forum, China is the model. The way to structure society. Our CDC. Our — our — our god, Dr. Fauci. China is the model. In Shanghai, they’ve locked everyone in their homes. So you know, Shanghai is — Shanghai is a city. Shanghai has 26 million people. And they are starving them to death. They are locking them in. In fact, can we show the first video. I think the first video that we have of the — it looks like Central Park in New York. It has all of the — yeah. That one, please.

It has — listen to this. These are the people screaming in hunger.

Now, this guy is saying that revolution is coming. Because people are starving to death, and this is just the beginning. Listen to that.

You also have — let me start here. I don’t think this is as disturbing as the one I’m going to show you. So let me start with this. Because this is disturbing. And if you happen to be watching TheBlaze, you will see these images. I want to show you the — how they’re rounding up animals. Your dogs. Your cats. They are either clubbing them to death in the streets. Or they just pick them up, and they’re throwing them into bags, like trash bags. This is video of all of these cats, and dogs, in trash bags. They’re alive. They just throw them in these trash bags. At first, I thought, because I lived in New York for a while. I thought they were bags of garbage, and there were rats in them. Because that’s what happened in New York. You see a trash bag move. There aren’t cats or dogs in them. There are rats. These are bags where the dogs and cats have been rounded up, thrown in trash bags. And left by the side of the road. People are being forced to give up their dogs. And they are being kicked and clubbed in the street.

And then, there are these extraordinarily disturbing image. If you’re listening on radio, good. I’ll describe what you’re seeing. If you’re watching on TheBlaze.

There is a — there is a real problem in Shanghai now, as people are starving to death. And they are locked in to their apartments. Now, imagine Central Park. And imagine all those tall buildings. Except, these are taller. All those tall buildings that wrap around Central Park. What’s happening now is people can’t take it anymore. They’re starving to death. There is no food. They’re not allowed to leave. If they do leave, they’re taken to a camp, where most likely, you’re going to be beaten to death or die. And so they are experiencing now, suicides. Roll this, and I will describe it as


People who are at the end of their road. Who are leaping to their death. People are reacting obviously. And it’s over and over and over.


This is like watching what happened on our World Trade Center on 9/11. Except, this isn’t a fire. These people are just trying to escape from the government, the lockdown, and hunger.

It is a remarkable — I have to tell you, we are now sending helicopters to Ukraine. We’re sending — we can stop playing it. These are just — since I’ve been talking about this, it’s just person jumping, person jumping, person jumping. It’s not like one. It’s over and over and over and over and over again, throughout the city. We are now selling helicopters — or sending helicopters and heavy artillery, to Ukraine. This is something that three weeks ago, Joe Biden said, we can’t do.

Remember, what was it? Poland. Was going to end some of their old MiGs. And they were going to send those MiGs to, what it was? Czechoslovakia. And they were going to move them with keys in them. And if people from Ukraine, pilots came in and found them, we would be really sad. And Biden stopped it. Because it would be an act of war. We’re now selling and sending helicopters and heavy artillery, over to Ukraine.

Wait. Wait. Can somebody tell me what just happened. What’s changed in the last three weeks? Is it genocide? Because that’s what the president says. State Department says, they’re not sure. Which is it? Are we stepping up to war?

And we are looking at a tragedy. An absolute tragedy. And maybe genocide. Maybe mass slaughter of people in Ukraine.

But this is one city in China. Of 26 million people. If 5 percent of them starve or die, that’s 1.25 million people. 5 percent, gang.

And our president hasn’t even addressed it. Hasn’t even said — no world leader has. Where is the UN. Where is NATO? Where is anyone — is anyone saying anything at all about China?

No. No. No, they’re not. You know why? Because everybody has been bought and sold. We’ve been sold, bound, and gagged.

By the way, the stuff coming out of Shanghai, that’s just the stuff that’s gotten through and gotten out. Remember, Facebook and everybody else, they’re — they’re suppressing this in China. So this is just the stuff that’s getting out, and getting through. What are we not seeing in China?

I saw a mother yesterday, who mom, dad, and the sister and the grandmother had been taken from their house, because they tested covid positive. Their new — newborn that was still breast-feeding, was not covid-positive. And he was left at home.

The mother was crying out for help. What are you doing? I can’t — you can’t leave my son. He’s a newborn. He’s still breast-feeding. You can’t leave my son here. She had no choice.

We are living — we are living what people in the 1930s lived. Where great evil was happening all over the earth. Except, back then, we weren’t sure. We didn’t have video. We couldn’t see it with our own eyes. The New York Times hid what Russia was doing to people. Hid the slaughter of people there. They wouldn’t verify anything about the Jews. They — they pushed that way back in the paper. Page A26. Maybe two paragraphs. But the — the world could be held, not really responsible, in many ways. Because the people didn’t know.

We know, gang. We know.

We have got to demand, that our president, who has taken money from the Chinese. Millions of dollars, through his son — and I would say this about Donald Trump, who didn’t take any money from the Chinese. If he remains silent, shame on you. Do we not have any moral code left in this country?

When will the people who represent us actually represent us? And stop representing China.

What’s happening in China is an ambassador. And remember, our elected officials and now, all of our corporations, all believe China is the model. I warn, what you’re seeing happen in China, will happen here, and all over the world, unless someone has a back bone. And gang, it’s only going to be the American people. It will. I mean, well, Canada. Look what the truckers did in Canada. Somebody has got to stand up and say, enough is enough. Back in a minute.

GLENN: So the Chinese government said that they are going to crack down hard, in the strictest of ways. For anybody who violates the covid lockdown in Shanghai. Shanghai is running out of food. And here’s why: Shanghai is a lot like Naples, at least 30 years ago. I don’t know what it’s like now. But people used to go to the market. The fish market. They would get their vegetables, and their fish. And then they would do it every day. And then they would bring it back. That’s the way Shanghai runs. Everybody goes to the market, pretty much every day. And they get their fresh food. Well, the problem is, all the grocery stores have been locked down. But they weren’t getting any food delivered in. Because you can’t deliver it. Because the truckers were shut down.

So all of this food is on the outskirts of the city. And it’s all raw, not processed. If you’re watching TheBlaze, you can see some of it. It’s just so much food, and it’s all rotted. So there is no food. It’s not like they’re not delivering it to the grocery stores anymore. That’s not necessarily the problem. The problem is, there isn’t any. This is — this is what happens, when you put — when you make everything about politics. And when you put experts in charge of everything. Common sense goes to hell. Look, covid. Yes. Some of us will die. Most of us will not.

Government has no right to lock us into our homes and tell us what to do. This is murder. This is — this is nothing short of that. The government knows, these people will die. And if they leave their house to try to protect their family, they’ll be shot.

GLENN: You know, you think that a leopard can change its spots, and it can’t. It can’t.

Marxism and, quite honestly, intellectualism, always ends the same way. When you put intellectuals in charge, and they think they’re better than everyone else.

Most people — most people really don’t recall the five-year plan. In fact, in China, it’s — it’s against the law to talk about the five-year plan. You’re not allowed to talk about it or teach about it. Most people don’t know about it in China. And it started with Mao saying, hey. We’re better than this. We’re capable of anything.

And we really need to — we need to change the way we do industry. And the way we do agriculture. And so he had a plan that was supposed to last from 1958 to 1963. And it was called the great leap forward. It was The Great Reset. We don’t work as well. So we have to change things. And he had a plan for everything. From the way your family worked, all the way up. And they were going — they were going to change everything. Industry could prosper, if the work force was well-fed. And while the agricultural workers needed industry to produce the modern tools needed for modernization. What he said was, all we have to do is we have to make our own steel, so we can make our own trackers and trucks and everything else. And then if we make all this stuff, then we can give it to the farmers. And the farmers will be able to make so much money. In fact, we’ll require them, to grow so much food. And everybody will be have a quota. And it was great. It was great. And the people gave up ownership. Mao had this idea, that you would own nothing, and you would be happy. And so they gave up ownership of everything. And it was owned by the state and by the communes. So everything in these communes was controlled. Every bit of your life. You know, school. Nurseries. Health care. They — people moved into what was called the houses of happiness. So they could be looked after and cared for by the state. All they had to do was just go to work. 700 million people were placed in these communes by 1958. Here’s the problem: Enthusiasm kind of stopped once they were in their house of happiness. Because life was not as they said it would be. People owned nothing. But they weren’t quite so happy. But they produced. And they — and they produced and produced and produced. And they hit their steel quota. Propaganda was everywhere, including the fields.

You could listen to political speeches, as you were working. It was great. Because politics, it was everything. Everybody in communes was urged not just to meet the set targets, but to beat them. And if you didn’t have the machine, well, use your bare hands. Quality became a little dubious. The problem is: The steel that they were making wasn’t holding up. The trackers that they were putting together, weren’t working.

And then they had a weather turn. Well, here’s what happened: Things started to go wrong in 1959. Listen to this. Political decisions and beliefs. Took precedence over common sense. I haven’t heard that, have you? Have you heard any of this plan being discussed, recently, at all?

Communes faced the task of doing things, which they were incapable of achieving. Party officials would order the impossible, and commune leaders, who knew what their commune was capable of doing or not, could be charged with being a reactionary, if they complained. Such a charge would lead them to be an outcast or be sent to prison.

We’re not having that problem, are we? You’re seeing anybody that is becoming an outcast, because they disagree with where the political leaders are taking us? Saying that maybe this covid thing is not a good idea? Maybe we shouldn’t be handling it this way?

Maybe your policies are leading to this inflation. Maybe we won’t own nothing and be happy?

Nobody is being made an outcast for those points of view, right? So here’s the problem: Because they were trying to make steel, a lot of the farmers, had to take work away from their fields. And so the fields weren’t being harvested. And then they had problems with the steel that they were making to help the farmers. And then the weather went bad. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, here’s what went wrong: The first year, 9 million people, in China starved to death. 9 million people.

Mao’s attitude was, you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet. It will get better.

20 million people died, in China. Starved to death. Before 1962. 20 million. They say that is a very low number. It’s more likely that it was around 40 million people died.

But we don’t know, because, you know, it’s China. These communist countries, these countries that are set up, where the elites have all of the power. And they do that, because they care so much about you. The little person. They care. And they know what’s right for you. These countries that are set up like this, always end up like China and — and what’s happening in Shanghai right now. Because they don’t know better than you. They can’t make decisions for your family. Do you think people would stay in their home, after they know what they know about covid. This is not the first run with covid. Do you really think that they would stay at home, be locked inside, and do you think with what they know now, and what we know now about covid, do you think it would be worse than the possibility of one city, one. There are multiple cities locked down. This is just Shanghai. This is the financial capital now, of China. This is our New York City. Except, New York City has 7 million people. They have 25 or 26 million people. Hmm. Do you think if those people were allowed to leave and the truckers were allowed to deliver things, do you think there would be starvation? Do you think it would be a possible revolution? Because that’s what they’re headed for. And the only way to stop it. And this is why they’re being so brutal, the only way to stop it is to kill people. And they have no problem killing them. Food would not have been rotting. Central planning never works. And we have so lost our — our willingness to learn from the past. We’re just trying to erase the past. Which is strange. Because that’s exactly what happened in China. Scholars now say, in China, that, you know, this is when they could talk in China. People who lived through it, are now discovering the true history of the great famine. And they’re now putting it together, saying, wait. The government knew about this. They were the ones responsible for this. Those people, who actually have seen the history in China, now know what the problem is. And they know what the problem is with this covid shutdown too. It’s the same problem. And it will end most likely, the same way. And most likely, we will hear about some of the dead. And some of the devastation. But not all of it.

Here’s a big difference, however. In 1962, China didn’t affect us. China didn’t affect the rest of the world. What they did with their citizens, I guess, was their business.

This shutdown is already causing problems here in America. Remember, this is like January. Remember, we didn’t really start to feel the effects, until, when? July. This is like January, when we were first watching it. And they were shutting down the city. And it wasn’t Shanghai. And they were shutting everything down.

We saw the effects, within a couple of months. We are going to see the effects of this, over here. On what you can buy, what you can’t buy. What you have access 20. Repair parts, chips. Computers.

Everything. I mean, if that’s what motivates you. You should look at it, in a financial way. This is going to cripple the global economy.

I just personally hope we get the message, that we are going to have problems, so we don’t have to worry about food. When the time comes. Please, plant a garden. If you live near farmers, if you don’t have a farmer’s market, start one. If you do, start getting to know the farmers.

You’re going need to the farmers. Please, be in a community, where you all kind of think alike. Because you don’t want to be alone.

You don’t want to be — you don’t want to be surrounded in a city, full of the people like Mao had. You want to be surrounded by God-fearing people, who know the Judeo-Christian ethic of do unto others. Love thy neighbor. Back in a minute.SHORTS APRIL 20, 2022

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Elon Musk said Monday, that Twitter board members will be paid no salary if his offer to buy the platform succeeds. He’s going to fire all of them.

There’s a $3 million saved right there, so naturally, they are doing everything they can to stop Twitter from being sold. Glenn may not agree with a lot of stuff he says but at least Musk sees the future. At least he sees the world for what it is. At least he sees the change that is at hand. Everyone else seems to be living in a fantasy world.

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