ADL Jews Defend Ukraine’s Neo-Nazis & Other Phony Activist Groups

ADL Jews Defend Ukraine’s Neo-Nazis

By infostormer -March 25, 20225

The Jewish Anti-Defamation League are actively defending Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi groups and specifically said that they are cool because they don’t attack Jews.

Check this blurb taken directly off of a blog post on their site.

These armed Neo-Nazi groups are literally propping up the illegitimate Jewish leader of a country who is backed by every Jewish media operation and Jew-controlled politician on the planet. The ADL is admitting that these groups are friendly to them. They are not legitimate nationalists of any kind. This admission proves that they are fake nationalists controlled by Jews.

It’s no different than how the Jews propped up the Islamic State or ISIS as a hardcore Islamic group that never attacked Jews or Israel. They were actually giving ISIS soldiers medical aid and the one time that ISIS did attack Israel it was some type of accident that they apologized for.

You see the same thing in the United States with these Neo-Nazis. They basically agree with every Jewish agenda imaginable while simultaneously claiming that they are pro-WHITE.

Take for instance this Neo-Nazi faggot who not only has a Ukraine flag in his Twitter profile but is openly supporting the European Union and NATO in it as well. He is supporting the two key power structures within the global Jew-controlled system and has been able to maintain his account despite a widespread censorship agenda on all social media sites.

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Comment: These Jews create all these FAKE Activists and fund them. They are totally under Jewish Control. Think Black lives matter, Antifa and phony Pro Democracy Groups. All Fake. BTW NATO if Jewish at the top. 🙂

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