Is a Pedophile Singing the Pedophile Anthem?

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Will Ferrell sings ‘pedophile anthems’ in SNL infomercial spoof

  • Will Ferrell
  • Beck Bennett

Chancellor AgardJanuary 28, 2018In this article:

  • Will FerrellWill FerrellAmerican actor, writer, and comedian
  • Beck BennettBeck BennettActor

Saturday Night Live ended the night with a hilarious infomercial featuring a very creepy musician.

In the final sketch of the night, Joanne (Kate McKinnon) and Glenn (Beck Bennett) are tasked with selling the five-disc box set containing the complete works of 1950s rock-and-roll icon Chucky Lee Byrd (Will Ferrell), a.k.a. the Poet of Teen Love. Alas, that title isn’t as charming as it sounds once you hear Ferrell sing creepy songs titled “Beauty Queen,” “Candy Baby,” “First Day of School…Ever,” “Girl Scout Cookie,” and “Farmer’s Girl,” which are all about loving minors.

Here’s a sampling of the disgusting lyrics:- ADVERTISEMENT -

“She grows corn / She grows beans / her daddy hates me ’cause she’s only 14.”
“She’s my little beauty queen and she’s only 17.”
“She purrs so fine / She’s fresh off the vine / I wanna make her mine, and this song’s about a girl who’s 13, she’s 13 / Okay, she’s 12.”

With each song, Joanne grows increasingly disgusted with Byrd; however, it’s not until Glenn reads the song title “Our Love is a Crime” that he realizes there’s something very wrong with these songs. “Obviously this guy is a pervert and we have to stop the commercial,” says Joanne.

However, Glenn says they can’t stop now because Byrd is his grandfather. Up until now, Glenn thought that’s just how things were in the ’80s — because his pedophile grandpa wrote 1950s rock-and-roll in the 1980s.

“Who makes ’50s rock-and-roll in the 1980s?” asks Joanne, to which Glenn responds, “Um, Billy Joel. Ever heard of him?” Joanne quickly fires back, “But Billy Joel didn’t make pedophile anthems!”

It’s fair to say no one will be buying that box-set.

Comment: Being Hollywood is full of Pedophiles I wouldn’t doubt Farrell is a Pedophile. Likely He IS ONE.

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