Censored Anti-Biden Rap Song Hits #1 on iTunes

Censored Anti-Biden Rap Song Hits #1 on iTunes

By infostormer -October 26, 20210

Bryson Gray’s anti-Biden rap song “Let’s Go Brandon” hit #1 on iTunes despite a flurry of censorship on YouTube.


Chuck Callesto@ChuckCallesto
BREAKING REPORT: “Let’s Go Brandon” performed by Bryson Gray, Tyson James and Chandler Crump CLIMBS TO # 1 on iTunes CHARTS NATIONWIDE, surpassing ADELE for the Top Spot early Sunday Morning …6:58 AM · Oct 24, 2021·Twitter Web App


It is still available on iTunes probably only because Apple hasn’t gotten around to banning it.

The censorship regime is really out of control, but this is something myself and many people predicted was going to happen back in 2017. Anything that is remotely creative or interesting is getting cancelled, censored etc..

The only solution to this is for the government to issue regulations preventing social media sites from engaging in this type of censorship. Unfortunately, we are going to see the opposite. There is an agenda right now to implement regulations that require these big social media sites to ban speech that the establishment does not like. That’s what this fake Facebook whistleblower and all these leaks are all about.

All that aside, I do appreciate that there is an increasing number of blacks finally directing their energy against this evil system. It is much more difficult for this overtly anti-racist system to deal with blacks criticizing them because they have told everyone that blacks can’t be criticized for anything.

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