DR. Rand Paul: “I’m Not Getting Vaccinated Because I Already Had COVID” (Natural Immunity is Better Than ANY Vaccine)

CDC Investigating Reports of ‘Mild’ Heart Problems in Teens, Adolescents After COVID VaccineBy Megan RedshawAccording to the CDC website, the agency is reviewing cases of myocarditis in young people, more often in males, more often following dose two and within four days of vaccination with Pfizer or Moderna.
 Rand Paul: I’m Not Getting Vaccinated Because I Already Had COVID
 RFK, Jr. and River Activist Chad Pregracke on Removing 11 Million Pounds of Garbage from America’s Rivers + More
 OSHA Abruptly Reverses Course, Says Employers Will Not Be Liable for COVID Vaccine Injuries After All
 Children’s Health Defense Launches Illinois Chapter
 Court Upholds FDA Approval of Controversial GMO Fake Meat Ingredient
 Push for Vaccines Reduced Drug Options for COVID Patients + More
 Vaccine Mandates More Popular Than Vaccine Passports + More
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Full analysis – Vaccines confirmed to be efficient extermination weaponsMike AdamsWe now have the final puzzle pieces falling into place, confirming that covid vaccines are efficient extermination weapons targeting humanity.Today we have begun to release each day’s Situation Update podcast in multiple parts, plus a “full” version with all the parts combined.Each part will be from 15 – 45 minutes (typically) and focus on one area of analysis, such as economics, culture, vaccines, the plandemic, nutrition and health, survival, etc., all depending on what news is breaking that day.Today we’ve released four parts, for a total of around 2 hours of podcast analysis. You can pick and choose the parts that you want to hear the most.See the full article and podcast episodes here.

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