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APRIL 29, 2021

NY Times:Letters to the Editor
re: “How to Overcome Vaccine Hesitancy”



The Letters-to-the-Editor page of “the paper of record” is always good for a bit of comic relief. But when you stop to consider that a significant percentage of the country actually thinks and believes like the know-nothing boobs who feel compelled to put their two shekels in after reading a Slimes article, the laughter soon turns into sadness as you realize just how badly the Judenpresse has mind-raped so many who walk amongst us — family included.

Whiskey drink in hand. Bottoms up. Into Sulzberger’s insane asylum we go for some readings of  Slimes Letters-to-the-Editor — with a biting “Dear Reader” rebuttal for each.

“The man who never looks into a newspaper is better informed than he who reads them, inasmuch as he who knows nothing is nearer to truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors.” 

–Thomas Jefferson

Richard from Scarsdale writes:

“A better and faster way to overcome resistance from those who do not want to get vaccinated would be to incentivize them to do so rather than trying to convince them.

There are many ways this could be done. One would be to offer a small, one-time tax break for getting vaccinated. Another way would be to get major corporations involved. For instance, the airlines could offer a rebate on ticket prices, or free baggage checks or a faster priority check-in line. Health care underwriters could offer premium reductions.

The bottom line is that these measures would result in far more people being willing to get vaccinated, they would cost infinitely less than treating tens of thousands more victims of Covid and they would help to accelerate a return to normal activities throughout the country.”


Richard, you disdainful dolt,

If the shot makes you immune, then what the bloody hell do you care if I get vaccinated or not? And your disgusting view of humanity as consisting of semi-retarded little children who need to be given candy treats in order to “comply” is not only insulting, but extremely dangerous in its portents. What if your “free baggage checks” giveaway doesn’t work? What would be the next step? No fly list? Fines? Public shaming? Prison? —- all done in the name of “public safety?”

1. The same controlling and condescending mentality which seeks to create compliance by treating us like children who need to be “incentivized” with “gifts,” must, in due course, degenerate into brute force to be used against those not interested in “small, one-time tax breaks” or “free baggage checks.”

Mark from Cape May, NJ writes:

“We should enlist famous people such as actors, singers, musicians and sports figures to volunteer time to go to the vaccination area of their choice where there are pockets of unvaccinated people and be there to meet and greet people who show up to get vaccinated. I think many of them would be happy to give back to the community to help our nation reach herd immunity.”

Mark, you naive nincompoop,

We the “vaccine hesitant” ™ tend to be a critical thinking, independent bunch. If the pleadings of “famous people” ever meant anything to us, we’d have taken the vaccine on Day 1. Sorry, but we don’t “follow the stars.” Actually, the more that the high and mighty plead with us to do something, the more suspicious and resistant we become. As for your beloved celebrities “such as sports figures,” putting themselves forward as lab rats, how’d that work out for baseball legend Hank Aaron? Not too good. (here)

John from Sarasota, FL writes:

“President Biden was vaccinated in front of a national TV audience. In January before he left office, Donald Trump was vaccinated behind closed doors. Lack of a Trump vaccination photo likely resulted in thousands of hospitalizations and many deaths, as Trump voters are more likely to avoid vaccinations.”

John, you supercilious simpleton,

Do you actually believe that us “deplorables” would suddenly have flocked to the pharmacies simply because “our leader” had taken a shot on TV (which most of us barely even watch anymore)? Again, we are not libtards or normies who follow celebs, journalists, quackademics and politicians.

Richard, Mark & John — each based in an affluent area — clearly manifest that quintessentially uninformed and scornful condescension so common amongst the prideful “educated” class which worships the all-mighty Judenpresse. The irony here is that their dumb-ass ideas about manipulating us into vaccination with free goodies, celebrity endorsements and presidential photo-ops are actually subconscious admissions of how these “educated” fools arrive at their own opinions and actions — specifically, by the mindless “monkey-see-monkey-do” of those they look up to. And they are too stupid to even realize that they are actually projecting their childish malleability onto us.

1. Biden gets jabbed on TV (supposedly) // 2. Hank Aaron takes the shot (and died a few weeks later) // 3. Condescending clowns such as letter-writers-to-the-Slimes, Richard, Mark & John ape the Fake News — then try to treat “uneducated” vaccine resisters like trainable animals.

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