Only Traitors in Attendance OverUsing the Word Democracy (Running Coups on Other Countries); It’s a Kakistocracy or Cacastocracy or Shitocracy



Comment: Raising the minimum wage would be great and reopening our economy would be too.

Comment: Even better would be working with Russia & China instead of always making them enemies. Remember, Russia was our HUGE allie during WW2 and the Civil War! The British are No One’s Allies except for Southern Confederacy Slave Owners. To me the biggest TERRORISTS are the Warmongers who believe in bombing the shit outta people who have NEVER done anything to us and killing even their Children. This is pure Terrorism but of course, you will never hear their puppet Biden address this as he is The Candidate for the Zionist Terrorists who run our gov’t which has degenerated into and Organized Crime Syndicate.

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