Satanic Humiliation Ritual in China Not Necessary Like All Satanic Rites are Not Necessary

Comment: Diseases are fear mongered so our Satanic Elite can push their lockdowns and insane shutdowns and criminal kill jabs called Vaccines. Get Vaxxed and Die! Especially with the COVID VAXX’s coming out.

China Develops Anal Swab Coronavirus Testing

By infostormer -January 27, 20214

Guess what folks? You can now get tested for the coronavirus by having a swab jammed up your ass. The Chinese have developed this innovative new coronavirus testing method.


China is enforcing strict new measures, including anal swab testing, as COVID-19 cases surge ahead of Lunar New Year, a time of high travel for the country.

Groups deemed necessary for “close monitoring”, including international arrivals, are being subjected to four tests — a nasal swab, a throat swab, a blood test and an anal swab.

“Applying extra anal swabs can improve the detection rate of infection and reduce missed diagnosis,” Li Tongzeng, associate director of respiratory and infectious diseases at Beijing’s You’an Hospital, told state broadcaster Central Chinese Television (CCTV).

Dr Li said because anal swabs were not as convenient as oral swabs, they were only being used for people under quarantine in major hotspots, including Daxing district in Beijing.

Just a few months ago we were joking about how governments would tell people that they need to jam buttplugs and dildos up their ass to stop the spread of the coronavirus. And now we just so happen to start hearing about this anal swab nonsense. They’re claiming that it is a more accurate testing method which means they’ll probably say that the many false positive coronavirus tests were due to the fact that people weren’t getting a swab stuck up their ass.

At this point I would not be surprised to see Anthony Fauci on television talk about how it is common sense to jam two buttplugs up your ass instead of just one buttplug to stop the spread.

This whole thing has been such a massive hoax and the hoax gets increasingly more transparent by the day. How much more absurd does it need to get for people to figure this out? It’s baffling to me how many people are still voluntarily wearing masks everywhere they go. These are the same people who will gladly line up to have a swab stuck up their ass and participate in this bizarre humiliation ritual.

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