Blowing With the ZIONIST Wind-Obeying the ZIONIST Cabal-So Many Traitors It’s Hard to Keep Track of Them All


Top Republicans Snub Trump, Attend Biden’s Fake Inauguration

infostormer – January 20, 2021

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Zionist Katie Couric Wants Trump Supporters “Deprogrammed”

Zionist Problem January 19, 2021

McConnell Says Capitol Storming Was Provoked by Trump (Comment: Zionist Owned Likely With Porno Videos Involving Children)

US January 19, 2021

Biden Picks Zionist Tranny As High Ranking Health Official (Also Owned Likely With Porno Videos Involving Children)

Zionist Problem January 19, 2021

Comment: Evidently CHINA and DNI are Owned by the ZIONIST Mafia as Well as All the Chinese Jobs are Zionist manufacturers who Relocated to China from Amerika. DNI is totally politically corrupted as are ALL alphabet agencies in Amerika.

DNI Report Says [Zionist Controlled From the Start] CIA Suppressed China Election Interference

infostormer – January 17, 20210World

This would be the perfect excuse for Trump to seize power.

Read more My Comment: Trump will not seize power b/c Zionists have compromising videos on Trump otherwise he would not be allowed to be President. He will do as he is told to do. I actually think Trump was used as a Honeypot for these evil ones to ID those least likely to kow-tow to their Zionist New/One World Order so they can be exterminated. see the Military website. Amerika’s population to be reduced to less than 100 million in the next 4 years!

Assange pardon could have been Trump’s lasting legacy. He failed to secure a place in history OP-ED

The Harris-Biden Plan for America is Very [Zionist]

US January 18, 2021


ZOG Stooge Alexei Navalny Arrested in Russia

infostormer – January 18, 20210This guy is a clown.

UK: Dumb Doctor Says Brits Could Wear Masks Forever (Zionist Puppet Being Paid)

World January 14, 2021

EU Confirms That Worms Are Safe to Eat (As Engineered Food Scarcity Creates Mass Starvation)

World January 14, 2021

“ZIONIST-“ ADL Demands DOJ Take Gab Offline

infostormer – January 13, 20211 Zionist ProblemThe ADL is a Zionist terrorist organization.Read more

Zionist Katie Couric Wants Trump Supporters “Deprogrammed”

Zionist Problem January 19, 2021

Zionist Larry Kudlow Attacks Trump Over Capitol Incident

Zionist Problem January 16, 2021

Ardent ZIONIST Kushner Talked Trump Out of Joining Gab and Parler

Zionist Problem January 14, 2021

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