All the Ways ZIONISTS Wreck Our Lives Owning Our Gov’t

Ep 83 | The Plot Against the President Was Worse Than We Knew

Ep 83 | The Plot Against the President Was Worse Than We Knew

According to an anonymous source Government operative even formed an official committee to prevent the President from taking office, FBI and CIA leaders actively worked against the administration feverishly trying to destroy it. Combine these new fac…

Comment: FBI & CIA answer ONLY to the ZIONIST British Empire!

Comment: U.K. run by Zionists, EU run by ZIONISTS, youtube run by Zionists, CIA run by Zionists, Congress OWNED by Zionist Mafia, Canada Owned by Zionists, British Monarchy are Zionists, Black Lives Matter Funded by Zionists George Soros Zionist, Antifa Funded by Zionists, Veterans went to wars for Zionists, China owned by Zionists who created Communism, Marxism, Fascism, Hitlerism, Totalitarianism, Zionists own Big Pharma, Zionist Bill Gates promoting Vaccine, Trump is a ZIONIST President, Political Corruption is ZIONIST Political Corruption, COVID Shutdown benefits ZIONISTS, China run by our ZIONIST criminals, Henry Kissinger is a ZIONIST, DC is all ZIonist, Satanyahu is a ZIONIST, Israel is a ZIONIST creation, Satanist/Freemason Saul Alinsky was a ZIONIST, Bohemian Grove is a ZIONIST enclave, Secret Societies are ZIONIST created Secret Societies, ETC. The Corporations benefitting from COVID lockdowns are Mainly ZIONISTS. The Big Tech are ZIONIST. Most of the CEO’s who moved co’s overseas are ZIONISTS. The Federal Reserve is ZIONIST banksters. The British Monarchy is ZIONIST.

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