Defend President Trump Against the Coup (CIA With Other Deep State Plotters: Hillary Clinton, Obama, NSA; ZIONIST British Satanic Empire-BANKSTERS in City of London & Wall Street)

Marching Orders

Latest update: December 14

We are in a second American Revolution in which we must, self-consciously, walk in the footsteps of our forefathers. Do not be foolish. Do not think this fight will be easy. George Washington lost nearly every battle of the Revolutionary War until he won everything at that great moment known as Yorktown. Do not listen to nonsense, spread by the enemy, about martial law or suspending the Constitution. You cannot save the Constitution by suspending it. You will open Pandora’s box, the anarchy and violence our enemies practice and seek.

The nation will be saved when the citizens understand our great founding documents and the historical tradition from which they came. It was not John Locke, Adam Smith, or Aristotle as those who would mislead you say. It was Plato and Leibniz, as our founders knew, and the great European Renaissance, out of which they invented an entirely new form of government, never before seen in the world. Their new form of economy, the American System, flourished and advanced through the ideas of Hamilton, Henry Carey, Friedrich List, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Lyndon LaRouche.

This week the battle for the Presidency is taking place in the state legislatures of the battleground states, the bodies of government which are closest to and most responsive to the People.

Here are LaRouchePAC’s mobilization orders for that battle (let us know below what you’re doing, and what more you think can be done).

Join us at rallies to defend the President

Show them that we are not folding, we will never give up this fight. Get into the streets, organize, and bring others with you. We’ll be at rallies in Washington DC and other locations around the country, signup below to join us at one of the rallies. 

Print LaRouchePAC’s latest leaflet, and distribute it at the rallies you’re attending, LaRouchePAC’s Marching Orders to Secure Trump’s Second Term.

Put the pressure on the state legislatures, especially if you live in one of the six battleground states—Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, and Pennsylvania

The state legislatures in the battleground states must find their power under Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution to overturn the fraudulent election. Call them and insist on it. Write them and insist on it. Demonstrate and insist on it.

Find the contact info for your state representatives by entering your address here.

The battle we are fighting here now will prepare us for the next battle, educating the representatives who prove themselves competent and capable to take their place as a new leadership in Washington responsible to the General Welfare of the American people. Through that education, they will support Donald Trump based on the actual ideas of our founders. They will block any Biden agenda because it would permanently ruin this great country. 

Get more patriots signed up with LaRouchePAC

Help us grow by ask others to signup with LaRouchePAC to help defeat this attempted coup. Send our signup page to your friends, family, or neighbors, and promote it on social media. 

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