Plus I reveal to you who I think should be president. Your gonna want to see that.

But holy crap. You CAN’T miss this:
“The f*** it 2020 bash is a great opportunity to meet Luke and some other really cool friends and enjoy a fun few hours of productive destruction and use a flamethrower to burn Jeffrey Epstein and other lizard pedos. Would absolutely recommend spending a day to enjoy with like minded folk and to unwind during these interesting times.”
 That’s what’s being said about the F*** IT 2020 Bash, where you get to do just that. 

We have limited spots left and the only remaining date is Saturday. 

Reserve your spot here and get more information about how you can join us this Saturday November 7 near Concord, New Hampshire for the ultimate way to say F*** It to the system and the election.

It’s now or never and you can actually barter with me in order to attend.

And as for the video about the election fraud allegations, here it is:
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