Hunter Biden Censorship IS the Red Line

Comment: Trump is the lesser of two evils. Clearly his agenda is at odds with the powerful Deep State Agenda. He is still a ZIONIST, our gov’t is run by Zionist crime Syndicate leading to Queen of England at the top, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and the rest of this ZIONIST MAFIA. They make money with every degenerate illegal hustle and scheme imaginable but have to put a pretty face on it as gov’t FOR the people. American people are finding out the joke has been played on them. The Coups they watched their gov’t doing abroad are now happening here with Trump vs Clinton/O’bama/Media faction. The Media is basically owned by Rupert Murdoch and obviously he doesn’t like Trump.

Comment From an Insider:

Randy Turner

People posting how crooked Biden is! and others posting how crooked Trump is.! I wonder how long it is going to take for them to figure out all politicians are crooked and America is run by organized crime…..

Comment: If a person isn’t on video having sex with a minor or on video murdering someone that person is not promoted politically by the ZIONIST Mafia that owns Amerika. If you notice NO politicans keep their campaign promises b/c they can’t cuz they are ALL compromised with horrendous videos same as Hunter Biden.

Randy Turner

Sorry but you do not know them I do. I have known Donald since about 1979, knew his kids and his first and current wife. I also knew Joe and his son. You think these people are patriots but I know them all as thieves and liars.

Comment: Whether it is the Bush Famiglia, Clinton Famiglia, Biden Famiglia they are all in the ZIONIST crime syndicate as is the Italian Mafia.

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