Rothschild’s [Zionist] Medical Mafia Target Cancer Curers


GcMAF – The Cancer Cure That Will Not Die
The Lyn Thyer & David Noakes Case

By Scott C. Tips
President, National Health Federation

December 26, 2019Lyn Thyer (in blue) in Court, December 16, 2019For those of you new to this nightmare story, David Noakes and Lynda (Lyn) Thyer were investigated – and David was prosecuted – in Great Britain for having cured people of cancer with GcMAF, a glyco-protein macrophage activating factor that is naturally produced in every healthy human. See Unhealthy people, particularly those with cancer or viral diseases, can be helped greatly with injections of very minute amounts of GcMAF. Lives can be saved and were saved – and without side effects. But the Medical Mafia wasn’t going to take that lying down.

Despite the fact that cancer patients were only helped and not hurt, the offices of David’s company were raided, vials of GcMAF seized, treatments of patients terminated leading to their deaths soon thereafter, and innocent persons sentenced to prison. For having saved thousands of people’s lives, David himself served five months out of a 15-month sentence in Wandsworth Prison in London. Lyn Thyer, in turn, was never charged in England but was ratted out by the British to the French with a made-up story of evil health “swindles” in northern France. In July-August 2019, Lyn was kidnapped by the authorities and sent off to France in handcuffs.
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Comment: The soursop fruit pictured has been another target of this Medical Mafia as they don’t want you or I to know it cures cancer.

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