Schiller Institute Conference in Germany

Schiller Institute Conference in Germany Unites Those of Goodwill for Creating a New ParadigmNovember 18 – Two events this past week demonstrate the two opposite futures facing mankind today. In Washington, the outrageous and self-evidently fraudulent impeachment investigation, run by the House Democrats and the corrupt intelligence and diplomatic officials left over from the failed presidencies of George Bush and Barack Obama, while boring most Americans with their inability to even name a crime being investigated, is nonetheless a dangerous continuation of the attempted coup against the President of the United States by British intelligence and their neo-Nazi allies in the former Ukraine government. Failure to prevent this coup would almost certainly mean world war in the near term.At the same time, an international conference of the Schiller Institute (video after link) brought together over 300 “patriots of their nations and citizens of the world” (as Schiller defined true citizenship). The Conference was dedicated to the memory and the living ideas of Lyndon LaRouche, under the title: “The Future of Humanity as a Creative Species in the Universe.” Keynoted by the founder and Chairwoman of the Schiller Institute, Helga Zepp-LaRouche (“We Can Shape a New Era of Mankind”), speakers included…READ MORE
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