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Volume 6, Number 195
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  • A Phase Change Is Shaking the World-Now is the LaRouche Time
  • New York Times Tries To Stop Attorney General Barr’s Investigation of the Empire
  • Sen. Lindsey Graham Rips New York Times, Names the Real Target: The British
  • Bolton Is Now Embraced by the Liberal Establishment
  • Yemeni Battle Success Considered a ‘Gamechanger’ Defeat for Saudis, Negotiations on the Table
  • Yemen Unilaterally Releases 350 Prisoners To Spur Prisoner Exchange
  • China Expert Geraci Thinks the New Italian Government Might Spoil Italy’s China Policy
  • BIS Regime Change, Starts Central Bank Printing of Greenie Money
  • Xinhua Video on New China’s 70 Year Anniversary Features Helga Zepp-LaRouche
  • Philippine President Duterte Starts Russia Visit, Will Address Valdai Club Plenary
  • U.S. and China Reach ‘Groundbreaking’ Cooperation Agreement Against Fentanyl
  • Beijing Goes All Out To Celebrate 70th Anniversary of People’s Republic of China


A Phase Change Is Shaking the World—Now is the LaRouche Time

Oct. 1 (EIRNS)—Oct. 1 marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Beijing was the scene of an extraordinary celebration, with over a million people on hand to honor the most spectacular transformation of a nation in history. Simple statistics show the transformation—between 1949 and today, life expectancy rose from 35 to 77, infant mortality fell from nearly 250 per thousand—a quarter of all births—to less than 10, and illiteracy fell from 80% to less than 1%, in all but the elderly.

And yet the Western establishment ignores this astonishing achievement to broadcast far and wide the violent color revolution they have financed and set in motion in Hong Kong. Today the mobs set fires, shut down and defaced multiple subway stations and government buildings, threw Molotov cocktails at police, and finally “succeeded” in getting the “bloody shirt” they desired, when a masked youth swinging an iron pipe at a policeman was shot, and is in critical condition at this writing. The intent is regime change in Beijing, peddling the lie of an inhuman dictatorship oppressing its people.

Americans falling for this line must reflect on the fact that the same people, from both the neocon “right” and the neolib “left,” who are running this regime change operation against China, under the false cry of “democracy,” are the exact same people running the regime change operation against the United States, frantically trying to get President Donald Trump removed from office before the impending financial collapse hits the Western financial system. Both operations are run from London. The liberal media who peddle the lies behind the impeachment of President Trump today openly praised the war-mongering John Bolton for his attack on Trump, for not starting a war against North Korea, rather than negotiating a peaceful denuclearization. Strange bedfellows, indeed, but no surprise to those who understand the British Empire’s gang-countergang methodology, long exposed in the pages of EIR.

The American people smell this rat. There is a phase change sweeping through the American psyche, which the LaRouche organizers are recognizing and mobilizing across the country. The impeachment process is a panicked effort to prevent Trump and his Attorney General William Barr from exposing the treasonous coup attempt run by the Obama Administration and its corrupt intelligence teams, directed by Christopher Steele and his superiors in Great Britain’s MI6 and GCHQ. On Monday night, Sen. Lindsey Graham identified this British enemy—“If you are worried about foreign people being involved in our election,” Graham said, “you ought to be worried about Christopher Steele being hired by the Democratic Party.”

Neither will the American people drink the Kool Aid being offered by the pathetic Greta Thunberg and her eco-fascist sponsors. What they may not understand as well, is that this climate hysteria is run by the City of London and their Wall Street assets. Today, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the “central bank of central banks,” set up a “green bond fund initiative” to facilitate the “Greening of the Financial System,” set in motion under the direction of Bank of England chief Mark Carney. The basis for “risk management” under this monstrosity is not the viability of industrial or agricultural projects, but how much CO2 will be generated by the investment. In other words, investments in the virtually every modern industrial or agricultural project are to be so penalized as to cut them off entirely.

Trump is committed to international cooperation in the Moon-Mars Mission. Like China, Russia, India, and most of the developing nations, he has no intention of committing economic suicide by slowing down fossil fuel development. This week, he sent the head of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy to China, where the two nations agreed to close cooperation in fighting the fentanyl crisis and other drug trafficking. This kind of international cooperation, based on real science, real progress, and the real physical and mental health of the population is, in fact, the means to defeat the genocidal plans of the British Empire. The Empire is terrified that when the bubble bursts, which is imminent, Trump will adopt the full LaRouche program, to restore the Hamiltonian system and unite the world in the spirit of the New Silk Road. We must make certain that their fears are fulfilled.


New York Times Tries To Stop Attorney General Barr’s Investigation of the Empire

Oct. 1 (EIRNS)—The New York Times, living up to its reputation as the most treasonous press sewer in America, tried to poison the investigation of the treasonous, British-led coup attempt against President Donald Trump, targetting yet another telephone call by Trump to another head of state—Prime Minister Scott Morrison of Australia. Under the headline: “Trump Pressed Australian Leader To Help Barr Investigate Mueller Inquiry’s Origins—The discussion was another instance of the president using American diplomacy for potential personal gain.” Showing that there are still traitors in the White House or lurking nearby, the Times references “two American officials with knowledge of the call.”

The Times goes on: “Mr. Trump’s discussion with Prime Minister Scott Morrison of Australia shows the President using high-level diplomacy to advance his personal political interests. The discussion with Mr. Morrison shows the extent to which Mr. Trump views the attorney general as a crucial partner: The President is using federal law enforcement powers to aid his political prospects, settle scores with his perceived deep state enemies and show that the Mueller investigation had corrupt, partisan origins.” That, of course, is now quite obvious.

Sen. Lindsey Graham Rips New York Times, Names the Real Target: The British

Oct. 1 (EIRNS)—Sen. Lindsey Graham appeared on Hannity’s Fox News program Monday night, pointing directly at the source of the treasonous attempted coup against President Trump—the British.

Referring to the New York Times article leaking Trump’s call to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison (see above), Graham called the article “the beginning of an effort to close down [Attorney General William] Barr’s investigation to find out how this whole [Russiagate] thing happened. Barr should be talking to Australia, he should be talking to Italy, he should be talking to the U.K., to find out if their intelligence services worked with our intelligence services improperly to open up a counter-intelligence operation of Trump’s campaign. If he’s not doing that he’s not doing his job. So I’m going to write a letter to all three countries asking them to cooperate with Barr.”

Graham then hit the bulls’ eye: “If you are worried about foreign people being involved in our election, you ought to be worried about Christopher Steele being hired by the Democratic Party. Does the whistleblower have any connections to the intelligence community, the old intelligence community that was corrupt as Hell?… Brennan and Clapper? I am hoping and praying that somebody will look at the way the counter-intelligence investigation against the Trump campaign began. Was it based on evidence that Papadopoulos was working with the Russians, or is it based on stuff coming from countries friendly to us?”

Bolton Is Now Embraced by the Liberal Establishment

Oct. 1 (EIRNS)—John Bolton was once denounced by the liberal mafia as the devil incarnate, and the éminence grise behind President Donald Trump’s every move. But Trump dumped Bolton, and denounced his war-mongering, leading Bolton to launch attacks on Trump, and voilà, Bolton has become the darling of the “impeach Trump” mafia.

Bolton spoke at CSIS Monday on North Korea. While he did not mention Trump’s name, he did say: “It may be the Libya model is not possible. But what I regard as even worse, in a way, is pretending that you’re getting to a resolution of the nuclear issue when you simply allow North Korea still to have a nuclear capability but give it enough economic assistance—that gives the regime a lifeline it currently doesn’t have.” He said that negotiations with North Korea are useless, which can only get “a commitment from North Korea it will never honor.”

His solution? He said to consider “regime change,” and “if you believe … that it is unacceptable for North Korea to have nuclear weapons, at some point military force has to be an option.”

The Washington Post was delighted: “John Bolton has finally spoken, and he put up a big warning sign about Trump and North Korea,” adding: “The big question with Bolton is how far he’s willing to go and whether he might be a key witness in the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry over Ukraine.”

One member of an MSNBC panel, quoted by RT, stated that the impeachment drive “began happening when John Bolton walked out,” and another that Bolton was “the last babysitter” and “adult in the room” in the White House.

They eventually show their colors.


Yemeni Battle Success Considered a ‘Gamechanger’ Defeat for Saudis, Negotiations on Table

Oct. 1 (EIRNS)—Yemeni Brig. Gen. Yahya Saree, spokesman for the Houthi forces in Sana’a, asserted on Saturday night, Sept. 28, that the just-concluded 72-hour joint Houthi-Yemeni army offensive along the southern border of Saudi Arabia had “altered the equation of power” in the war in Yemen’s favor. His press briefing showed footage of the rout of three Saudi military brigades, the capture of scores of Saudi military vehicles and the surrender of some 2,000 Saudi troops and Yemeni-mercenary militia assets.

BBC, London’s Guardian, etc., dismissed the video footage as unverified, but retired U.S. Col. Pat Lang, a decades-long intelligence specialist in that region, demanded “someone please show President Trump this film” of the briefing! “It makes the lies of creatures like [Mike] Pompeo obvious,” he wrote. Lang rejects Pompeo’s “BS narrative” that the Yemeni resistance is too militarily incompetent to have carried out the attack on the Saudi oil refinery, concluding that “obviously” Iran did it.

Senior Saudi commanders evidently deserted their men “early and swiftly,” leading to the Saudi forces surrendering “en masse,” Lang noted. The Arabic markings and condition of some of the vehicles abandoned by the routed Saudi forces indicate they belonged to the modernized Saudi National Guard, and among them are very useful U.S.-made armored personnel carriers with radar-trained air defense Gatling guns, he pointed out.

Colonel Lang is not the only senior U.S. military officer who understands the capabilities of the Yemeni resistance. In a Sept. 25 article in the American Conservative, U.S. historian Mark Perry reports that a recently retired senior U.S. military officer told him in recent days that senior U.S. military officers had warned the Saudis when they launched their war against Yemen four years ago: “you can’t win and you’ll bankrupt your country. It’ll be a quagmire.” Key U.S. Special Forces Command officers at that time told Perry that the Houthis were only “nominally surrogates” of Iran, and were “our quiet partners against al-Qaeda,” whom the U.S. should support.

Lang today called attention to a Sept. 30 article by one Federico Pieraccini in Strategic Culture Foundation, which details the months-long planning that went into the stunning battle victory. Pieraccini writes that Yemen’s fight will be studied all over the world, as “the Houthis are showing to the world what a poor but organized and motivated armed force can do using asymmetrical methods to bring one of the best-equipped militaries in the world to its knees.”

More than creative employment of weaponry, as important as that may be, the coming victory of the Yemeni patriots will stand as a monumental lesson in the power which flows from an unbending political will to secure a people’s inviolable rights. In the bleakest moments of the war, Yemeni patriots, working with the Schiller Institute, have been boldly preparing to get right to work on participating in the development of all humanity through collaboration in the New Silk Road, the moment peace is secured.

Yemen Unilaterally Releases 350 Prisoners To Spur Prisoner Exchange

Oct. 1 (EIRNS)—The Yemen government in Sana’a today unilaterally released 350 prisoners who had fought with the Saudi-backed forces waging war on the country. “Dozens of men in clean, new, white clothing walked out of the central prison in the capital Sana’a and lined up outside, supervised by men in military uniforms,” Reuters reported Sept. 30.

“Our initiative proves our credibility in implementing the Sweden agreement and we call on the other party to take a comparable step,” the head of the Houthis’ prisoner affairs committee Abdul Qader al-Murtada told reporters assembled for the release. This follows by only three days the surprise and overwhelming victory of the Yemen forces against the Saudi forces.

The two sides had agreed to swap around 7,000 prisoners altogether during peace talks in Sweden at the end of last year, but the deal has been stalled.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), which facilitated the release, said 290 Yemeni nationals were transferred from the Houthi-controlled capital Sana’a to their homes. Several Saudis were released as well.

The UN Yemen envoy Martin Griffiths told the press: “I hope this step will lead to further initiatives that will facilitate the exchange of all the conflict-related detainees as per the Stockholm Agreement.”


China Expert Geraci Thinks the New Italian Government Might Spoil Italy’s China Policy

Oct. 1 (EIRNS)—In an interview with Class-CNBC pay cable TV on Sept. 28, former Italian China policy architect Michele Geraci warns that the new Italian government might dissipate the political capital built with the MOU on the Belt and Road Initiative. “The risk is there and it’s very serious,” Geraci said. “We noticed it just yesterday, at the People’s Republic Anniversary party at the Chinese Embassy. Speaking with Chinese colleagues, there was some surprise and nervousness because what our partners want is a continuityof trade policies. I always stress that the MOU was an act of promoting our exports. Clearly, China has appreciated it and thus we acquired some goodwill, some capital towards China. We now are in danger of dissipating that capital.”

The Chinese won’t forget what Italy’s Democratic Party (PD), now in the government, said against the MOU—which was signed in March with the M5S-Lega government during President Xi Jinping’s visit to Italy—Geraci says. “From the opposition, the Democratic Party had strongly criticized our agreement with China, including in language that goes beyond political rhetoric. Now, we can change ideas, we can change government, and even change ourselves [an ironic reference to Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte—ed.], but this game does not work abroad. Abroad, our trading partners know very well who said what, who thinks what. I don’t say this because I am no longer in the government, but surely, a group of persons created this opening to China in order to boost our firms, and now they find themselves in the hands of a political party which, instead, has a strong resentment against China.”

The MOU “was one of the most important things Italy has done in recent years” and now “they change everything, in both politics and also with respect to persons, and this can cause damage, a discontinuity that is no good for our enterprises.”

BIS Regime Change, Starts Central Bank Printing of Greenie Money

Oct. 1 (EIRNS)—For the Federal Reserve-sponsored central bankers’ meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in August, the huge Wall Street firm BlackRock LLP—stocked with former central bank executives—produced a “shocking” proposal. Time for central banks to take over fiscal policy, the spending of so-called public funds, from governments, it proposed, and called it “regime change.” They would do this, in BlackRock’s scheme, by directly printing money and having “committees of experts” direct governments or other institutions on how to spend it. Furthering this takeover was Bank of England Governor Mark Carney’s even more “shocking” proposal to replace the dollar with a global digital currency controlled by central banks. Thus easily, central bank “printing” über alles. In the six weeks since then, the world’s biggest “private” banks, and central banks led by Carney, have made it explicit that this “regime change” is to be used to force “green” investment and kill fossil-fuel (“carbon”) investment, including in Africa, South America and Asia where it this will cause the premature death of many millions.

Green New Dealers got the message; Sen. Bernie Sanders and other backers proposed the many trillions for their Green New Deal be freshly printed by the Federal Reserve.

Another step in the “regime change” was announced Sept. 30 by the Basel, Switzerland-based Bank for International Settlements—the so-called “central bank of central banks” with its now mostly hidden Nazi origins. A BIS press release says it has “launched an open-ended fund for central bank investments in green bonds. Responding to a growing demand for climate-friendly investments among official institutions, the BIS’s green bond fund initiative helps central banks to incorporate environmental sustainability objectives in the management of their reserves.”

To interject some plain English: How do central banks get these reserves to manage? They print them, or in their terms, create them.

The release goes on: “With the support of an advisory committee drawn from a global group of central banks, the fund pools BIS client assets [interjection: “BIS clients” are central banks] to promote green finance through sizeable climate-friendly investments and support the adoption of best market practices to deepen the green bond market….

“The initiative is part of the BIS’s broader commitment to supporting environmentally responsible finance and investment practices, in line with the Bank’s participation in the Central Banks and Supervisors Network for Greening the Financial System. Commenting on the launch, Peter Zöllner, Head of the BIS Banking Department, said: ‘We are confident that, by aggregating the investment power of central banks, we can influence the behavior of market participants and have some impact on how green investment standards develop.’ ”


Xinhua Video on New China’s 70 Year Anniversary Features Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Oct. 1 (EIRNS)—Xinhua released a three-minute survey of the development of the new China, called “China’s 70 Years on the World Stage.” It begins with Mao’s declaration on Tiananmen Square on Oct. 1, 1949, that “China has stood up,” to today. It briefly references high points—Zhou Enlai at the Bandung Conference, the Nixon visit, Olympics in China, becoming the second leading economy, the leading country is poverty alleviation, and more, ending with the Belt and Road.

After showing Xi Jinping announcing the Belt and the Road in Kazakhstan and Indonesia, it switches to the February 2019 interview with Helga Zepp-LaRouche, identified as “President of the Schiller Institute, a German Think Tank,” in her own voice, saying, “The Spirit of the New Silk Road has changed the mood and the attitude of many countries,” as a voiceover of pictures of the New Silk Road.

Philippine President Duterte Starts Russia Visit, Will Address Valdai Club Plenary

Oct. 1 (EIRNS)—Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte began an official visit to Russia today that will last from Oct. 1-5, and according to Philippine Foreign Affairs Assistant Secretary for European Affairs Amelita Aquino, Duterte will address the 16th annual meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club on Oct. 3 at the plenary session. The Valdai Discussion Club’s Annual meeting takes place this year on Sept. 30-Oct. 3.

President Duterte and Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet on Oct. 4 to sign several cooperation agreements, and then he will speak before students of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations on Oct. 5, Aquino told today’s Philippines Daily Inquirer. Duterte will also attend a Philippines-Russia Business Forum to promote the trade and investment opportunities between the two countries, she said.

U.S. and China Reach ‘Groundbreaking’ Cooperation Agreement against Fentanyl

Oct. 1 (EIRNS)—White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) Director Jim Carroll told reporters on Sept. 25 in Beijing at the conclusion of his working visit to China, that his trip had been “groundbreaking,” with the two governments agreeing on measures that will ensure “full cooperation [and] full resources” for combatting illegal fentanyl trafficking together. That includes “routine conversations” and intelligence sharing on a higher level, sharing data to ensure rapid response to intelligence leads, and carrying out joint investigations.

Carroll, the Acting Commissioner for U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Mark Morgan, and Chief Postal Service Inspector Gary Barksdale had met with officials from China’s National Narcotics Control Commission and the Ministry of Public Security, talked with shipping industry leaders, and toured Chinese mail inspection and customs facilities, as well as a national narcotics laboratory, the ONDCP reported in a Sept. 27 statement.

Carroll told the reporters in Beijing that “I am absolutely convinced the Chinese, starting with President Xi down through the Minister of Public Security Zhao (Kezhi), are absolutely committed to doing this…. [W]hat we learned on this trip is that the Chinese government, the Chinese people, are committed to this issue, both to save lives in the United States, but also to save lives in China.”

CBP chief Morgan reported that China is planning to build additional narcotics laboratories, and the U.S. will share data from its newly-developed pollen signature chemical tests that help identify the country origin of illegal fentanyl, a deadly synthetic opioid narcotic.

In an op-ed published in USA Today yesterday, China’s Ambassador to the U.S. Cui Tiankai wrote that China is committed to such cooperation, because “China’s own historical experience with opium being pushed upon our people by outsiders has made us very aware of the perils of such interference”—a clear reference to the Opium Wars waged on China by the British Empire in the 1800s.

Beijing Goes All Out To Celebrate 70th Anniversary of People’s Republic of China

Oct. 1 (EIRNS)—In a display which probably went far beyond anything that China has experienced previously in its many gala performances, the 70th anniversary celebration reached a pinnacle of elegance and beauty. Given a hardening international climate, where China is increasingly being treated negatively in the Western media and by many of the Western political elites, who have also been fomenting rebellion in Hong Kong, the celebrations made very clear that the People’s Republic of China has now become a major power and would continue on its chosen path.

This was echoed by President Xi Jinping, who briefly addressed the million or so people gathered for the celebrations, before the parade began. “It was 70 years ago that Mao Zedong declared the founding of the People’s Republic of China,” Xi said. “This was the end of 100 years of humiliation. The Chinese people stood up and embarked on a grand journey of rejuvenation.” The country has made “unparalleled achievements, and now there is no force that can shake the foundations of this nation or prevent us from moving ahead.” Xi attributed the advances to leadership of the Communist Party and to the people’s aspiration for a better life. He also reiterated China’s unequivocal commitment to “one country, two systems” for Hong Kong and Macao and eventual cross-straits unification. He also reiterated China’s commitment to peaceful development and to building a community of shared interests for mankind.

After the traditional preliminary “review of the troops” by the General Secretary, the parade began with the military contingents, exhibiting all the latest in Chinese military equipment and rocketry, a larger parade than any previously held. The Chinese leadership, including the aging Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao as well as former Premier Wen Jiabao were viewing the parade together with President Xi and members of the Political Bureau on the balcony of the main gate of the Forbidden City, where Chairman Mao had declared the establishment of the P.R.C. in 1949. There was also a major display of Chinese air power with bombers and fighters flying overhead in formation. There followed a civilian parade, depicting the succession of leaders from Mao, through Jiang Zemin, and Hu Jintao to Xi Jinping, with large paintings of each carried in the various floats.

On Tiananmen Square itself, there was the large portrait of Mao over the gate to the Forbidden City, but adjacent to that on another building was displayed an equally large portrait of Sun Yat-sen. Other themes of the floats, including those on “one country, two systems,” Chinese achievements in technology, the unity of the 50-plus ethnic groups comprising the Chinese nation, and floats signifying contributions made by groups during World War II and the Liberation War with many of the veterans passing in separate wagons. Thousands of young people took part in the parade, including youth choruses with floats representing agriculture, poverty reduction, education, moral commitment, environmental protection, the handicapped, the workers that keep the country beautiful. There were also floats representing all the provinces of China and their individual contributions, including a float on Taiwan, as well as Hong Kong and Macao. There was also a float with youth from China and abroad representing a community of shared interest. This was followed by a float representing the Chinese ship of state launched on the global sea and piloted by the Communist Party.

Yesterday, there had been a large ceremony with party leaders who visited the Mao mausoleum and paid tribute to Memorial of the Martyrs, those who had given their lives in the fight for independence, which is a hallmark in Tiananmen Square. Following the parade, there was a gala light show and theatrical performances, involving thousands if not millions of spectators. During the parade there had also been a great deal of choral performances, with choruses singing a variety of songs from the different periods of Chinese history, from the various ethnic cultures, as well as patriotic songs from the Liberation War period. (During the war and civil war, the PLA was often ridiculed by the KMT forces for their constant singing.)

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