The Satanic illuminati PLAN

#1.Vietnam never declared a war b/c whole purpose was to test “Smart Bombs.”
#2.Next war will be Iran to further test ‘Smart Bombs’ and allow Terrorists to get a foot hold in the country.  U.S. trained terrorists are being sent back to Middle East to cause upheavals for the next generation of wars.  They are being used to gain control of countries resources such as oil.  The military is not part of the New World Order.  Terrorism will bring the NWO into play.
#3.  Iraq conflict to utilize Smart Weapons, Mind Control Programs, Chemical Weapons, Genetic Enhancement Projects, High Technology Weaponry in the form of satellite, long range burrowing & drone advancements.  Helicopters will spray their own troops to test drugs on them.  “Secret Detection”  technology will be deployed.  Secret underground bases will be massively expanded with vast tunnel systems. The war in Iraq will cause other wars to bloom:  in Afghanistan, northern Africa, Israel, etc.  Russia will rise again.
#4  Iran will be the next massive war to engulf the world into turmoil.  This is the final stage for the NWO to come into fruition.  Highly advanced seismic weapons used to create “natural disasters”  world wide:  U.S., Japan, and China to create Economic Collapse and Civilian Panic.  Major earthquakes and volcanoes will be triggered.  Vast areas will be devastated.  This is necessary for the rise of NWO.
Order out of Chaos.  Advanced spy tactics will be implemented on the public so their will be no secrets.  The world’s powers will know all about everyone.  The basic plan is for a HUGE WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST and Financial Collapse of the World.  The United Nations will then have global control. Israel & China will combine forces to lay waste to Moslems in Asia.
“The powers that control the world no longer want the United States to survive.  It has become too big and aggressive for comfort and full control. The United States must and will fall in order for something better to come into existence.  HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project) has been in function for many years, as you know.  Part of this is to perfect weather and seismic weaponry as well as lay the foundation for global weather change in a harsh fashion.”
“Major fuel reserves will be run dry b/c of the severe weather changes coming from this technology.  This will help to break the nations pockets and bring them to their knees.  Of course riots and martial law and UN orders for foreign troops & occupation of this country will follow.  Russians…..and Chinese troops….will be ready to move onto American soil for the takeover and reformatting of the entire country.  You have no idea who will be in control of this world. They are here and have been here for a very long time.  More are waiting.  But within the rank system of “Those who control” lie dissension and deceit.”  He speaks on about the illuminati ‘Pure Bloods’ and how some of them will be the targets of these ninja type high level assassin such as Shadow Scorpion.  He ends with “This is the information you will not find in the military.”  “More information pertaining to this will be sent to you upon the ASTRAL from us.  I needed you to know this before you left.”

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