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The usual suspects turn out across America in favor of illegal immigration.

 Washington Post: In D.C., New York and Beyond, Jews Mark Annual Day of Mourning by Protesting Trump Immigration Policies

REBUTTAL BYWe’re surprised that Sulzberger’s Slimes didn’t cover this latest Jewish spectacle staged in New York, Washington DC and a bunch of other major shitties across America, but we did find a headline story in the equally vile Washington Compost. We learned that a Jewish holiday known as Tisha B’Av — the annual day of mourning — fell on August 11 this year. According to Jewish history, it was on this day that both the First Temple of Jerusalem was torched by the Babylonians in 423 BC (always pissing somebody off, always); and again, on this day, by the Romans in 70 AD (always pissing somebody off, always).The more observant chosenites typically observe Tisha B’Av by going to temple and reading from the “Book of Lamentations” (always lamenting about something, always). But this year, thousands of (((them))) spent the day protesting Trump’s alien detainment camps (which, by the way, were also in operation under Obongo). From the article: 
“Some came in large groups from their synagogues, sporting matching T-shirts and signs that read ‘Never Again’ … They were joined by thousands more across the country who attended similar protests — the latest manifestations of a growing wave of activism among Jews opposed to the Trump administration’s immigration policies, which some argue are reminiscent of the way Jewish people have been treated in the past.”“Never again ,” eh? Unless, of course, if you’re a Palestinian — but I digress.   Waaaaa! Waaaa! Waaaa!   How can (((they))) whine about “Never Again” when the event in question (the Holohoax) never even happened in the first place?   Now of course, all this high-sounding tommyrot about “Never Again” ™ has absolutely nothing to do with any Jewish sense of empathy — allegedly born out their own “painful past” — for the trespassing greaseballs being interned or deported. No sir. (((They))) couldn’t give a rat’s ass about this invader riff-raff. Can you just imagine, if the Central American hordes were mostly future Republican voters, instead of guaranteed Demonrats, just how rabidly anti-immigrant (((these people))) would suddenly become? They’d instantly switch, on a shekel, so damn fast that their beanie hats would fly off — and start screaming at the top of their lungs:  “Oy vey! A nation must defend its borders! USA! USA! USA!” Or, better yet, just imagine how “welcoming” these commie chameleons would be if the truly oppressed and endangered White farmers of South Africa could somehow make it to Mexico and then seek asylum in a U.S. border state. — “Oy vey! Build that wall! Build that wall!”Regular readers of The Anti-New York Times already know that is the truth. However — and this is the part that is so damn infuriating — in the malleable minds of so many scores of millions of our fellow Americans, these Jewish stunts impress the easily impressed as the sincere manifestation of the sentiments of a poor persecuted people who, though perhaps over-reacting, have an understandable aversion to the whole idea of “internment.” How bloody frickin’ “noble” of them, eh?   (((They))) “care” sooooo much about oppressed humanity, don’t they? Since the days when the New York Jew girl Emma Lazurus penned that stupid poem in 1883 (“Send me your wretched refuse” etc), which later found its way to the base of the Illuminati-themed Statue of Liberty — to Jew Israel Zangwill’s famous 1907 Broadway play, “The Melting Pot” — to powerful Jew Senator Jacob Javits’obsession with getting the 1965 Immigration Bill passed — to Jew George Soros‘ worldwide open-borders initiatives — and so much more; the oh-so-empathetic Jewish-Marxist obsession with flooding America with as many Eastern European Yids and, later on, dirt poor “people of color”  as possible has never wavered, and actually pre-dates the Holohoax. So, what gives with this phony altruism here?It’s elementary, White Man, elementary. (((They))) are fixin’ to exterminate us through birthrate attrition, through unlimited immigration, through homosexualization, through blending — and lastly, once the majority of remaining Whites are too few and too feeble to take up firearms (and (((they))) are coming for those too!) — through direct killing. And that, dear reader, is what the multi-city “Never Again”  rallies were really all about. You can be sure that amongst (((themselves))), in the dark corners of their synagogues, the code words have a different meaning altogether than that which (((they))) portray in public. It goes something like this: “Oy vey. Never again can we allow a White majority to reclaim political power from us.”   1. Emma Lazarus // 2. Israel Zangwill // 3. Jacob Javits — all obsessed with immigration. Was it really about “empathy” for the “downtrodden”– or something else?*  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Jews across America staged protests against Trump’s internment camps.Boobus Americanus 2: That’s understandable, considering what Jews had to go through during the Holocaust.    *St. Sugar: Boobuss, you credulouss cretin! If I were sstill in my earthly form, you’d give me a frickin’ heart attack! Editor: I don’t know which is more taxing on the heart and arteries — the lies of the usual suspects, or the willful stupidity of Boobus. COMMENTS / FEEDBACK / INSULTS / KUDOS  Email address:Comments:
MONDAY / AUGUST 12, 2019
An ad campaign by Coca-Cola promoting gay acceptance has prompted a political backlash in Budapest.

NY Times: Coke Ad Riles Hungary Conservatives, Part of Larger Gay Rights Battle

REBUTTAL BYThe term “Soft Power” — coined by “scholar” Joseph S. Nye (cough cough)of Harvard University and the Council on Foreign Relations — refers to the calculated use of covert economic or cultural influence — as opposed to overt political or military force — to artificially change “the hearts and minds”  of a target nation from the outside whilst making it appear as though the “progress” ™ is occurring naturally from the inside. It is warfare without the bloodshed, waged by the various propaganda branches of the western NWO — such as the marketing wizards of Madison Ave, the mega CEO’s, the perverted “elites” of Hollywood, the book publishers, Silicon Valley, the “music” and “art” syndicates, and the demented eggheads of Ivy League academia.    Joseph S. Nye wrote the book (literally) on the art of mass mental conquest through the use of “Soft Power.”  This Slimes article joyously describes how Coca Cola, a globally recognized American institution of there ever was one, is being used to wage a Soft Drink Soft Power culture war against nationalist conservative-leaning Hungary:  
 “By the standards of Western advertising, Coca-Cola’s billboard campaign in Hungary was pretty tame. Three couples are shown enjoying a soda, smiling and seemingly in love. One picture shows a man, a woman and a Coke; another two women and a Coke; and a third shows two men and a Coke.‘Love is Love,’ is the campaign slogan. But in the current climate in Eastern and Central Europe, where “L.G.B.T. ideology” has taken the place of migrants as public enemy number one for many nationalist leaders, love is not love.It is a threat.”Love is love (™ fast-tracked), eh? —–  (palm to face, sighing, shaking head)   1. “Love is Love” ™ is the new code term to whitewash a man’s lust for another man rectum. // 2 & 3. Coca Cola ads in Hungary feature a pair a fags and a pair of dykes. // 4. Pride Parade in Budapest.
 It’s interesting to note how Coca Cola is again being used to promote this filth because one of the most effective subliminal campaigns for promoting One Worldism ever devised was the “iconic” ™ 1970’s TV ad which featured a mob of young people of different nationalities and races, decked-out in different costumes, singing on a hilltop in Italy as they each hold up a bottle of Coke. “Youse” fellow baby-boomers will surely remember that bit of mushy Marxism: “I’d like to buy the world a coke.” Superficially at least, it seemed like a heart-warming scene. After all, who wouldn’t want to live in a world in which all of “God’s children” ™  get along?Many gullible young people were sucked in and moved to goosebumps by the Rothschild Globalism in disguise. But beneath the catchy tune and warm, fuzzy facade lie the Soft Power subliminal poison of uniting and mixing the peoples of the planet —  without any mention of the iron hand which will be keeping the new mixed slave race of Coca Cola drinkers under total and permanent control. And that is why the “iconic” ™ ad has since been enshrined in the U.S. Library of Congress.
  Sing the beautiful song which I wrote for you, my obedient little goyim! —I’d like to buy the world a home and furnish it with love
grow apple trees and honey bees and snow white turtle doves
I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony
I’d like to buy the world a coke and keep it company
that’s the real thing …
 The “far right”  governments of both Hungary and Poland (also attacked in this article) have made valiant efforts to beat back the cultural Marxism seeping in from the western provinces of the degenerate European Union and from America’s relentless Soft Power tentacles. Yet the sad fact remains that both states, notwithstanding the occasional middle finger flashed at Brussels, still remain willing members of the continental monster state of the EUSSR.Unless and until there is a clean political as well as cultural break from the thoroughly Marxified West, combined with de-democratization and a hard core purging (as in death or mass imprisonment) of both foreign and domestic libtards — American Soft Power will ultimately corrupt the hearts and minds of Hungarian and Polish youth. Invite dirty stray dogs into your home; expect your own pets to get ticks and fleas. That’s the power of Coca Cola.   1. Viktor Orban of Hungary // 2 & 3. As long as Hungary remains part of evil EUSSR and under the influence of vile leaders such as Merkel & Macron, it will remain highly vulnerable to Soft Power subversion of its young people. *  
*  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Coca Cola is running an ad campaign in homophobic Hungary which features gay couples.Boobus Americanus 2: In time, change and progress will come to Eastern Europe too.    *Editor: Change for sure — but not exactly “progress.”COMMENTS / FEEDBACK / INSULTS / KUDOS  Email address:Comments:

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