Russia Gate Hoax Collapsing on Many Fronts: Unite U.S., China, Russia & India & Replace Evil British Empire 4EVER!

President Donald J. Trump gives remarks in the Rose Garden following his meeting with Congressional Democrats | May 22, 2019 (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)
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Russiagate Hoax Collapsing on Many Fronts — Now Bring the US, Russia and China Together To Replace the British Empire Forever

The Russia hoax did not begin with the treasonous targetting of Donald Trump by the Obama intelligence team. It began in 2014, when that same team of corrupt intelligence officials, together with Obama’s State Department and their cohort George Soros, backed by the fake-news media, implemented the British plot to overthrow the elected government of Ukraine, openly supporting the neo-nazi gangs running a violent “color revolution” against the elected Ukrainian government. Dispersing $5 billion dollars to anti-Russia NGOs, handing out cupcakes to swastika-bearing thugs on the Maidan, Obama’s…READ MORE

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