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MI6 Christopher Steele Under Increased Pressure – NASA To Put Americans on the Moon by 2024

Dennis Speed — LaRouchePAC Manhattan, NYC

Kesha Rogers — Former Candidate for Congress, U.S. Senate, Texas

Megan Beets — LaRouchePAC Science Team

LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat

Thursday, May 23, 2019 • 9:00 pm EDT (6:00 pm PDT)

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If you are wondering about the pouting, thrashing, and angry stunts emanating from the House of Representatives, look no further than the British Isles and the frantic attempt to cover-up the British imperial role in trying to swing the 2016 election to Hillary Clinton. The same British faction has declared, in a December, 2018 House of Lords Report, that Donald Trump cannot be the U.S. President in 2020. Now, Attorney General William Barr is focused on the MI6 Christopher Steele report at the center of the unraveling coup which has been conducted in the United States ever since Donald Trump was elected. Loud news reports published this week in Britain seek to limit British imperial knowledge of this plot to November of 2016; when, in reality, they were working it from 2015 forward, first to defeat Trump and then to unseat him. Representative Devin Nunes has taken up Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s suggestion that the President use his state visit to Britain in June to investigate this plot. Nunes sent a letter to this effect to the White House yesterday. Other leaks from the DOJ state that investigations are now focused on the U.S. Embassy in London and Kiev and see the Brexit vote, the Ukraine coup, and Trump’s election as a singular dynamic. Lyndon LaRouche would suggest that the British hand in unleashing a strategy of tensions throughout the world now, in numerous suddenly very hot spots, be investigated as part of the British coverup strategy and renewed frantic effort to unseat the President.

So, what to do about this? President Trump has announced that he wants to put America back on the Moon by 2024. You can hear Lyndon LaRouche, if you knew him, absolutely roaring with approval. This is the key flank. After all, what has been the central issue ever since Roosevelt’s death? Defeating the optimism which John F. Kennedy once again evoked in the American population. Any colonial regime must lower the expectations of populations both for themselves and their progeny which, being human, tend to be robust, tend to be excited by the frontiers of knowledge and exploration, tend to demand competent politicians and policies. Who else but Obama and Clinton infected with the British ideology, sabotaged our space program? Who else but the green new dealers advocate against population growth, life, and science itself? Who else but Obama and Clinton told our devastated formerly industrial heartland that it was over, manufacturing would never come back? The response of 9 million viewers to NASA’s inspiring We Are Going video shows that Americans are hungry to once again push the frontiers of human knowledge. That is the opportunity that has been put before us today with President Trump’s announcement of the 2024 mission.

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