LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat

LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat

May 9, 2019 – 9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific

Moderator – Dennis Speed, LaRouchePAC Manhattan Project
Guest – Michael Steger, LaRouchePAC California

Conference call dial-in number: 712-770-5505 (NEW)

Access code: 536662#

To ask a question, dial *6 during the call to enter the queue

We also broadcast a live stream over YouTube at

With their coup being exposed and set up for prosecution in the United States, the British have launched a world-wide strategy of tensions, attempting to lure Trump and other world leaders down a fateful and deadly path. The key players in the Trump Administration engaged in provocations reflect the consensus choices of the Anglo-American establishment, that formation which came into existence here following World War II which is thoroughly dominated by the ideas of its oligarchic mother. Upfront, we see the insanities of Bolton and Pompeo. But they are cheered and provoked by majorities in the Congress and the funders who currently pay for the American political process outside the revolt which is taking place against them in the U.S. population. It is clear that our sick elites will not rest in their mad determination to destroy a President. It is also clear that as the British role is increasingly exposed, the understanding of those patriots out to reverse the past 40 years in American history need a program, much education, and marching orders, to turn their inspiration into an effective force for healthy and dramatic progress.

In founding the Labor Committees, Lyndon LaRouche said that it is precisely this moment for which his organization would exist. Most times in human history are not pregnant with the possibility of radical change for the better. When the time comes, LaRouche said, his organization will have schooled itself in precisely the ideas and programs which can be put into motion by forces which are on the march but, in most cases, without clear direction other than a healthy and strong rejection of what exists now. Now is our time. Join us for tonight’s discussion.

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