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British Opt for Dictatorship and Censorship

Missouri Basin Governors Insist Feds Build River-Control Systems, Need Space Age Mobilization

Palestine Leadership Warn of Trouble if Israel Annexes West Bank Settlements

Russian Exit from the Council of Europe, or ‘Ruxit,’ Could Be Disaster, Europeans Fear

Foreign Funding for Flood Relief in Iran Cut Off by U.S. Sanctions

Estonian President Is Visiting Moscow To Meet Putin

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The British Role in ‘Russiagate’ Is About To Be Fully Exposed

April 8 (EIRNS)—A document with the above title is being released today by EIR, documenting that the Robert Mueller report, while admitting there was no evidence whatsoever of “collusion” between President Donald Trump and Russia, nonetheless continued the “lethal lie” that Russians tied to the Kremlin hacked the Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails and gave them to WikiLeaks. (See LaRouche PAC website: “The British Role in ‘Russiagate’ Is About To Be Fully Exposed.”) This is the basis for the claim that the Russians “interfered in the U.S. elections.”

As our document states: “The truth is, that a foreign government did indeed meddle in the American Presidential election, in a failed attempt to fix the outcome. It was not the Russians. It was the City of London and the imperial intelligence services of the British Commonwealth, along with treasonous ‘Tory’ American elements.”

The lengths to which the British are willing to go to stop President Trump’s intent that the U.S. be friends with Russia and China, was demonstrated again today, when the government of Prime Minister Theresa May took time out from the psychotic Brexit debates to announce the most blatant program for mind control and authoritarian censorship of any nation on Earth, including those which are constantly denigrated as “authoritarian governments”—Russia and China. May herself appeared on a short video to announce the release today of the “Online Harms White Paper” by the Home Office and others. May explained that she was “deeply concerned” about the “harmful content” appearing on social media and online news sites. “So today, we’re putting a legal duty of care on these companies, to keep them safe. If they fail to do so, tough punishments will be imposed.”

The White Paper is quite astonishing in its unabashed declaration that “hostile actors” using “online disinformation to undermine our democratic values and principles” are to be crushed and blocked from publication in the U.K., and anywhere else it can impose its censorship. This is virtually the same language used by the now-exposed Integrity Initiative, the British military-intelligence operation (with “clusters” in every Western country) which plants anti-Russian and anti-Chinese propaganda in the mainstream press under the guise of countering Russian and Chinese “disinformation.” Now, the Integrity Initiative has a government institution to enforce its dictatorship over the flow of information.

It is clear that the British and American “establishment” are terrified that their controlled corporate media are failing to control the population. We are experiencing a phenomenon which Lyndon LaRouche called a “political mass strike,” with expressions of this process evident in: the Brexit vote; the Donald Trump election; the Yellow Vests revolt in France; and the election of an Italian government which rejects EU dictates and has joined China’s New Silk Road, while also opposing the sanctions on Russia. Nearly every developing nation in Asia, Africa, and Ibero-America has embraced China’s New Silk Road as their first opportunity to escape colonial and neo-colonial forced-backwardness under IMF dictates—to become modern industrial nations and eliminate poverty, as is happening in China.

Most importantly, President Trump has rejected the “special relationship” with the United Kingdom. He intends to restore industrial infrastructure which had been destroyed under the Bush and Obama regimes; end the “endless wars” launched by Bush and Obama; restore America’s manned space exploration which had been virtually shut down under Obama; and to work with Russia and China both in counter-terrorism and economic development. He has been held back by the British-orchestrated Russiagate hoax. While the “collusion” scam has been exposed, the British and their assets in the U.S. intelligence community are clinging to the lie that Russia and China are “hostile actors,” supposedly interfering in our elections and threatening our “democratic values and principles”—i.e., the same words in the “Online Harms White Paper.” They would prefer dictatorship and war to seeing an end to their imperial division of the world.

Trump has unleashed optimism in the American scientific community, committing the nation to putting men and women on the Moon in five years, and to prepare for a Moon-based mission to Mars. This optimism can and must be spread to the entire population, with Lyndon LaRouche’s vision for the next 50 years.


British Opt for Dictatorship and Censorship

April 8 (EIRNS)—With the U.K. rapidly descending into chaos, with no solution in sight to the Brexit debate, and with their attempted coup against President Donald Trump falling apart, the British government has decided to launch a censorship program of astonishing scope against any and all online news and commentary websites which do not conform to the government line. Theresa May issued a video this morning to announce the “Online Harms White Paper.” “Online Harms” is a term created to include anything which challenges the official line, especially against its demonization of all things Russian.

The purpose, they claim, is to make the internet “safe” for the poor British subjects who cannot see for themselves where the truth lies. “Illegal and unacceptable content and activity is widespread online, and U.K. users are concerned about what they see and experience on the internet,” the executive summary asserts. While they give passing reference to protecting children from predators and countering terrorist recruiting sites, they do not hide their primary intention:

 “There is also a real danger that hostile actors use online disinformation to undermine our democratic values and principles.”

 “This White Paper sets out a programme of action to tackle content or activity that harms individual users, particularly children, or threatens our way of life in the U.K., either by undermining national security, or by undermining our shared rights, responsibilities and opportunities to foster integration.”

 “Other online behaviours or content, even if they may not be illegal in all circumstances, can also cause serious harm.”

 The new policy is aimed at creating an “online environment where companies take effective steps to keep their users safe, and where criminal, terrorist and hostile foreign state activity is not left to contaminate the online space.”

Who, then, is to determine which websites or news reports are “disinformation,” or which “undermine our democratic values”? This is the language we have seen on a daily basis in the U.S. to justify the anti-Trump hysteria against imagined Russian “meddling.” It is also the language of the military intelligence operation in the U.K., called the Integrity Initiative, which has now been exposed, through a major leak, of running covert anti-Russia campaigns through their networks (“clusters”) in the mainstream corporate press across Europe and the U.S.

The White Paper reports that the government “will establish a new statutory duty of care to make companies take more responsibility for the safety of their users and tackle harm caused by content or activity of their services.” An “independent regulator” will oversee and enforce the policy, with the power to impose “substantial fines” on companies and individuals. [Emphasis added.]

The government has given until July 1 for comments from companies and individuals. Then Big Brother takes over.

Missouri Basin Governors Insist Feds Build River-Control Systems, Need Space Age Mobilization

April 8 (EIRNS)—On April 3 in Council Bluffs, Iowa on the Missouri River across from Omaha, Nebraska, the governors of Iowa, Nebraska and Missouri met with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and FEMA, to demand that a flood-control building program of dams, levees, and other structures be launched, to prevent the kind of devastation now taking place in the Midwest, because the infrastructure system was never properly built to manage the Missouri Basin run-off. With more rain, snow, and snowmelt, there are weeks ahead of still more damage, including in the Mississippi River Basin. The damage to the food chain to and agriculture capacity is enormous.

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (R), Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts (R), and Missouri Gov. Mike Parson (R) briefed reporters after their meeting, to stress that they want a quick and big “Federal response,” and that in three weeks they will meet again—including with Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly (D) who was unable to attend last week—to receive options of what can be done, from the Army Corps and FEMA.

This is the moment for the U.S. to resume the space age deployment of technology on Earth, as well as in the skies. President Donald Trump has sounded the call in his directives for the Moon-Mars mobilization.

The chief reason for the Midwest flooding is that the infrastructure drive for water management during the Eisenhower/Kennedy years was later abandoned, at the same time the U.S. space program was downgraded, and monetarist casino economics was brought in.

In 1944, Congress had passed the “Flood Control Act of 1994,” which included the Missouri Basin Project (the “Pick-Sloan” plan, named after its engineer-designers), that intended to have 157 major and minor dams on the system. These dams, plus levees, impoundment lakes, and other structures, would have prevented the destruction now taking place, as well as previous flood episodes in recent decades, such as in 2011 and 1993.

From 1946 to 1966, six major “Pick-Sloan” dams were built in North Dakota and South Dakota. President John F. Kennedy personally dedicated the Oahe Dam in South Dakota in 1962. Also at this time, the giant California State Water Project was proceeding. On the continental scale, North American Water and Power Alliance was backed by Kennedy and Congress. But instead, as of the 1970s, NAWAPA and the full build-out of the Missouri River Basin Project, and the Upper Mississippi as well, were stopped. The Wall Street monetarism came to dominate, along with its anti-infrastructure “green” mind-control, undercutting both the U.S. space program, and terra-management on Earth.

Today’s Omaha World Herald argued the point in its editorial, “A Major Federal Response Is Needed To Boost Missouri River Flood Control,” saying: “Just as the current flooding is virtually without precedent in our region, so the Federal response needs to be appropriate in scale. The governors [last week] mentioned significant options:  Changing Federal laws to make flood control a higher priority in Missouri River management. Increasing levee capacity upstream. Shortening the permitting time for levee changes. Building more levees and building them higher. Using improved levee materials.

“Decades ago, the Federal government directed the Army Corps of Engineers to channelize the Missouri River in order to ‘tame’ it for barge traffic and flood control. But [that was never done, and] as experience this year shows, the Missouri … retains enormous destructive power, and its fury is taking too heavy a toll….”

Furthermore, Federal emergency measures for farmers are also in order. They include, first, a moratorium on any farm foreclosure, given the financially impossible situation farmers face from the flooding, on top of low prices. Also, indemnity funds must be established to deal with such specific crises as the fact that insurance does not cover farmers’ losses of crops stored on the farm, because Federally-subsidized crop insurance does not extend to storage. There are specific livestock needs that must be addressed as well.


Palestine Leadership Warn of Trouble if Israel Annexes West Bank Settlements

April 8 (EIRNS)—Palestine’s officials are warning that if Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is able to go ahead with his vow, over the April 6-7 weekend, to annex Israeli settlements in the West Bank, Israel will have bigger problems than it has now.

“We heard Prime Minister Netanyahu speaking openly about his intentions to separate the West Bank and Gaza Strip and about annexing the West Bank,” Israel’s Channel 13 quoted PLO Secretary General Saeb Erekat as saying at the World Economic Forum in Amman, reports the Jerusalem Post. “This will bring the area cycle of violence and chaos.”

In a separate interview with the Associated Press, Palestine Foreign Minister Riyad Al-Maliki said that Netanyahu would face a “real problem” if the West Bank were to be annexed. “If Netanyahu wants to declare Israeli sovereignty over the West Bank, then you know [that] he will face a real problem, the presence of 4.5 million Palestinians, [and] what to do with them,” Maliki told AP. “He won’t be able to expel them.” He warned that Palestine would “resist” any attempt to apply such a policy onto the West Bank. Al-Maliki also accused the Trump Administration of facilitating such statements by Netanyahu by recognizing the Israeli occupation of the Syrian Golan Heights.

Russian Exit from the Council of Europe, or ‘Ruxit,’ Could Be Disaster, Europeans Fear

April 8 (EIRNS)—The Secretary-General of the Council of Europe Thorbjørn Jagland, is warning that, were Russia to leave the Council at the same time the United Kingdom leaves the European Union—referred to as “Ruxit”—the consequences could be disastrous, RT reported today. The Council of Europe, founded in 1949, is Europe’s leading human rights organization, which claims to uphold “human rights, democracy and the rule of law.” Based in Strasbourg, France, and comprised of 47 member-nations, it is not related to the European Union, although all 28 EU members are also members of the Council of Europe.

In 2014, after Crimea voted to rejoin the Russia, the rights of its Russian delegation in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) were cancelled, stripping it of its voting rights and the possibility of participating in the Council’s monitoring missions or joining any of PACE’s ruling bodies.

On April 5, Russian Sen. Konstantin Kosachev, chair of the Federation Council’s Foreign Affairs Committee, confirmed a possibility that Russia will leave the Council this summer. Russia has twice attempted to have its rights at the Council restored, to no avail. Russia, which also happens to be the largest financial contributor to the Council, ceased paying dues to the organization when its rights were cancelled. In January 2019, both houses of Russia’s Federal Assembly—the Federation Council and State Duma—made statements that there was no reason for Russia to return to PACE this year.

Jagland has admitted that the Council treatment of Russia was unfair, and told the Norwegian news agency NTB that the only way to avoid a “Ruxit” is to fully restore its rights in PACE and the Council. According to the Ukraine’s UNIAN news agency, Germany is taking steps in PACE’s Spring session to lift the sanctions on Russia. Representatives of Germany’s ruling parties—the Christian Democrats and the Social Democrats—have signed a letter to the PACE President Liliane Maury Pasquier urging for revision of the Council’s sanctions rules altogether, and they have also been negotiating with representatives of other states about bringing Russia back into PACE without sanctions.

Predictably, only the U.K.’s representative to the Council, Christopher Yvon, is opposed, tweeting that Russia must be punished for violating the principles of the Council of Europe. In an April 7 tweet, he referred to the Council’s efforts to restore Russia’s full membership as “self chemical castration.”


Foreign Funding for Flood Relief in Iran Cut Off by U.S. Sanctions

April 8 (EIRNS)—On April 2, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issued a statement blaming catastrophic flooding across Iran on the government of Iran, itself.  “On behalf of the American people, we offer our condolences to the victims of the recent floods in Iran,” Pompeo said. “These floods once again show the level of Iranian regime mismanagement in urban planning and in emergency preparedness.”

Perhaps Pompeo was “blocking,” as they say, in regard to the catastrophic flooding that has hit the U.S. Plains States in the past few weeks, including parts of his home state of Kansas, and the fact that it has been aggravated by the failure to invest in adequate flood-control infrastructure over a period of decades, as EIR documents in this issue.

Whatever the role of Iranian government mismanagement may be in the current flood disaster, U.S. sanctions appear to be playing a role in blocking international aid to the victims. The Iranian Red Crescent Society charged yesterday that the sanctions are making it impossible for the relief organization to obtain foreign financial aid to help victims of the floods.

“No foreign cash help has been given to the Iranian Red Crescent Society. With attention to the inhuman American sanctions, there is no way to send this cash assistance,” the Red Crescent said in a statement. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohamed Javad Zarif tweeted last week, that the blocking of flood relief efforts by the sanctions is not just economic warfare, “it’s economic TERRORISM.”


Estonian President Is Visiting Moscow To Meet Putin

April 8 (EIRNS)—In a surprise move which has some NATO leaders worried, Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid will be meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on April 18, reported the Estonian Public Broadcasting’s ERR News. Kaljulaid will be attending the reopening of the Estonian Embassy in Moscow.

In a press conference on April 5, Kaljulaid said that she had briefly met with Putin at the Paris celebration marking the centenary of the end of World War I in November 2018.

“The two heads of state exchanged a few words, and Ms. Kaljulaid allegedly said that she would be happy to visit Moscow,” according to ERR News. “I also said that we are neighbors, and I believe that we should speak as well, even if we likely won’t really agree on anything,” she explained. “We have different values, but one speaks to their neighbors. And it seemed to me as though President Putin agreed with this. We talk a great deal about Russia—in my opinion it isn’t especially polite to not talk to Russia.”

She said that the purpose is to communicate, not to reach any accord.

Kabul Sending Delegation To Attend Next Round of U.S.-Taliban Talks in Qatar

April 8 (EIRNS)—In an effort to end the country’s 17-year war, Afghanistan’s government has announced that it will send representatives to “exchange views” with Taliban officials in a new round of negotiations, which are scheduled to take place in Doha, Qatar, on April 14-15.

Mohammad Omar Daudzai, President Ashraf Ghani’s envoy for peace, said the delegation would serve only to exchange views with the Taliban, and its members would not necessarily be the same as a formal team of negotiators. Afghanistan’s Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah, welcoming the decision, told AFP today on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Amman, Jordan: “We need to have governmental and nongovernmental politicians in one platform, and talk future peace and reconciliation. The aim of [the delegation] is to present a unified position of [the] people of Afghanistan.”

Meanwhile, the U.S. Embassy in Kabul said in a statement yesterday that the U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad left Kabul on April 7 following productive talks with President Ghani. “He discussed with President Ghani and other leaders how to ensure the intra-Afghan dialogue in Doha next week, in which representatives of the Afghan government and wider society will participate, can best advance our shared goal of accelerating a settlement process,” says the statement, TOLONews reported.

Italy’s Lega Head Salvini Forms Euroskeptic Group for Elections, Slams EU as Nightmare

April 8 (EIRNS)—At an event today in Milan to launch an alliance aimed at winning European Parliament elections, over held May 23-26, and to reform the European Commission, Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister and head of the Lega party Matteo Salvini sought a unified group among the Euroskeptic parties, currently divided in the European Parliament in three groups: Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF), which includes the Lega; Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy, which includes the German AfD; and European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR), which includes Poland’s ruling PiS. Salvini was joined at the press conference by Jörg Meuthen of Alternative for Germany (AfD), Olli Kotro from the Finns Party, and Anders Vistisen of the Danish People’s Party.

“Today for many citizens and peoples, the European Union represents a nightmare,” Salvini told the meeting in Milan under the slogan “Towards a Common Sense Europe… People Rise Up.” “Our goal is to finally be a governing force and a force of change,” Salvini said. “The ambitious goal of all those around this table is to give birth to the first group in the next European Parliament.” The group would be “the largest, the most significant, most determined and future-oriented in the next European Parliament,” Politico quoted him as saying.

Bloomberg quoted Salvini as saying he wants to “defend European production by revising some trade agreements” which have hurt businesses in the bloc.

“The EU has delegated trade to the WTO, another international organization which dialogues directly with Brussels. We must have our say on trade accords, on industrial policies and on multi-lateral accords,” said Salvini. Bloomberg made no mention that Italy, despite extreme pressure from Brussels, hosted Chinese President Xi Jinping for a state visit in late March, during which Italy and China signed a memorandum of understanding to join the Belt and Road Initiative.

Nor do these media that characterize Lega as “right wing” and “anti-immigrant” make any mention that the so-called “populist” government of Italy, in conjunction with China, is the only EU country that has addressed developing Africa, in particular with the Transaqua water management project to refill Lake Chad. Such a project, by restoring the basis for the Lake Chad Basin countries’ economies, would end the ability of Islamic terrorists such as Boko Haram to recruit by feeding off the poverty, especially among youth, as well as migrants’ flight from terrorist wars.


Poverty Changes Victims’ DNA, Study Shows

April 8 (EIRNS)—In a groundbreaking study, researchers at Chicago’s Northwestern University have determined that—beyond all its other known de-humanizing effects—poverty actually attacks the DNA of its victims.

Published in the February issue of the American Journal of Physical Anthropology, the study is based on a 35-year investigation (begun in 1983) of poverty-stricken children in the Philippines. Originally intended to be a 2-year study of 3,327 pregnant mothers, researchers from the U.S. kept in contact with their Philippine counterparts, and the long-term picture began to emerge.

“Researchers started to look at the long-term health effects of the environments children grew up in had on them as adults,” Thomas McDade told the Chicago Tribune, which wrote this up today. A professor of anthropology and faculty fellow at Northwestern’s Institute for Policy Research, McDade explained that, prior to this, someone’s health was mostly thought to be determined by inherited genes and a person’s current environment, such as if the person smoked. What the researchers found was that, beyond the simple cataloguing of someone’s “genetic make-up,” was the question of “gene expression”—the likelihood of any one particular gene “expressing” itself in the life cycle—was a variable factor, and that environmental factors had significant influence. “What shapes whether a gene is expressed or not is a whole layer of regulation on top of the gene sequence that you inherit from your parents,” McDade said.

From the Tribune: “What researchers found by following the children through adulthood is that the cells remembered experiences from early in life that then had an effect on gene expression. This type of expression that goes on in a human body is correlated to whether a person will develop diseases. The DNA sequences, which are inherited from a person’s parents, did not change.”

A huge blow to all statistical analysts (at insurance companies and oligarchic research institutes), this study serves as further proof that, by eliminating poverty, the Chinese are doing more than just saving lives, they’re saving the gene pool of the entire human species.


Brexit Mess Causing Mental Breakdowns in House of Commons

April 8 (EIRNS)—Breitbart News on April 7 quoted several British dailies documenting the emotional toll the Brexit chaos has taken on MPs involved in the unending debate.

The London Evening Standard quoted MP Robert Halfon of the Education Committee, who said “it feels like the Commons is having a collective mental breakdown—a cross between Lord of the Flies and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” He told the daily that “people are behaving in ways that were unimaginable even just a year ago, whether they be Remainers, Leavers or in-betweens. The Brexit madness has affected us all.”

An unnamed female MP was quoted by The Sun tabloid saying that Parliament had become a “boiling pot of mental ill health.” Because the situation remains unresolved, Easter Recess for the Commons has been cancelled, causing one MP to break down in tears because he won’t be able to go home to see his children. Moreover, one BBC radio program reports MPs saying that the Brexit mess is driving politicians to drink more and “avoid people.”

Deputy Speaker of the Commons Lindsay Hoyle has had to remind MPs that they, their staffs, and House employees are all eligible for “necessary health and well-being support,” if needed. Civil servants are being offered cognitive behavioral counseling. Meanwhile, according to Breitbart, a “Britain Thinks” poll has found that 64% of the public claim that the ongoing Brexit chaos is damaging their mental health.

Last night, Prime Minister Theresa May put out a meaningless two-minute video on Brexit negotiations, stressing that Parliament must come up with some kind of agreement, as that is what everyone wants.

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