Donald Trump is Zionist and His Handler is Sheldon Adelson

By Supporting Zionist Stooge Donald Trump You Make Yourself A Useful Idiot Of The Zionists (But ALL Our Politicians Support ZIONISTS)

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(from unpublished comments)


Those who are foolish enough to give credence to the demented ravings of the conspiracy theorists among us who tell us that Donald Trump is a secret “Jew hater” who is simply  pretending to like the Jews but actually hates them covertly  and is planning their imminent destruction, need to watch these two videos and decide for themselves what the truth is.

VIDEO 1 (two years ago) in which . . .

(1) Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, with Donald Trump’s full approval, refuses to recognize an independent Palestinian state adjacent to Israel, by imposing impossible conditions on the Palestinians.

(2) Netanyahu goes on to praise Trump’s Jewish son-in law, Jared Kushner, a fanatical arch-Zionist responsible for financing illegal Jewish settlements. He does this with Trump standing by, nodding his full approval.

(3) Netanyahu ends his talk by singing the praises of  Donald Trump. “THERE IS NO GREATER SUPPORTER OF ISRAEL THAN DONALD TRUMP,” he enthuses. Trump laps up the praise like a cat licking up cream, knowing that the praise is well-deserved, not just empty flattery. See Trump’s own statement in the picture above as confirmation of his shameless ultra-Zionism: “I am the best thing that could have happened to Israel.”

Click on Video 1 below:

VIDEO  1   :   2. 29 mins

Now watch this latest display of Trump’s blatant ultra-Zionism — three days ago! — in which he not only declares his undying love for Israel and the Jewish people, but also sings the praises of his Jewish sugardaddy Sheldon Adelson  and his Jewish wife Miriam.

Who can doubt Trump’s sincerity?

By all means support Trump if you wish, given that you have no alternative hero on your horizon right now,  but at least have the honesty to admit that the man you are supporting is an ultra-Zionist “Jew lover”. It must surely be apparent to you that, by supporting Trump, you have aligned yourself with Jewish interests and turned yourself into a Useful Idiot of the Jews.  How sad.

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