Zionist Warmongering Media Convinces Uninformed Americans Russia is Biggest Threat (Russia Was Our Allie During WW2 & Civil War) Pictured is Russia’s Teardrop Gift to America Over 9/11

How They Do It–New Poll says Americans believe Russia Poses ‘Critical Threat,’ Is Country’s ‘Greatest Enemy’by TUT Editor

Russia has now replaced North Korea as the country people believe is America’s greatest enemy.

ed note–again, the fact that it is being reported by an inherently duplicitous Jewish mainstream media is irrelevant to the bigger issue, which is the reality which Judea, Inc is trying to create through the process of manipulating public opinion that then results in tectonic events occurring on the grand Geo-political level, and those tectonic events which Judea, Inc wants to see take place are–

1. The removal of a problematic ‘America First’ president who has made clear he will not sign on to any new military adventurism for Israel’s benefit as did his predecessors, 


2. Pushing a resurgent Russia out of the Middle East as was originally intended to take place with Israel’s deliberate attack on the USS LIBERTY in 1967.

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My Comment: Zionist Synagogue of Satan “Jews” running America want WW3. They’ll be flying offshore and hiding in bunkers while we get bombed.

My Comment: ‘Urgency to discuss arms control and nuclear disarmaments’ states Russian diplomat. They want talks….why don’t we want to cooperate?

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