Trump the Target of Hardline Zionist Rothschild Establishment

Cohen congressional hearing re-ignites talk of Trump impeachmentby TUT Editor

As hearings and investigations against Trump unfold, Democrats appear to be speeding towards a moment when they will have no choice but to take action

ed note–as we like to say often here now as of late, BY ALL MEANS, all those who consider themselves experts in the area of the complicated and oftentimes convoluted nature of geo-politics where organized Jewish interests play a disproportionate role, PAY NO MIND WHATSOEVER to glaringly important pieces such as this.

Those who do choose to pay close attention, please note the following–

‘A new group called ‘By the People’ launched a pledge drive urging members of both parties in Congress to show leadership by extending the legislative branch’s oversight to the next step of impeachment.“We already know Donald Trump has committed impeachable offenses,” said Alexandra Flores-Quilty, a spokesperson for the group. We can’t wait any longer and want our representatives to move forward now. So far only Tlaib and fellow newly elected Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota have signed on.’

Exactly as discussed on the most recent TUT Broadcast with the eternally brilliant Jonathon Azaziah, the reason Tlaib and Omar–one Palestinian, one Somali, both Muslim women–were permitted by Judea, Inc to ascend to the US House of Reps is so that that while Jewish operatives such a Nadler, Engel, and Schiff do all the dirty work of placing the shaped charges that will be used in imploding the Trump Presidency, it will be front-women such as Tlaib and Omar who will be the face of it, thus serving the dual purpose of–

1. Shielding the American public from the fact that it–the removal of Trump–is an Israeli operation,


2. So that the Judaic narrative of ‘DEM MOOZLUMS COMIN’ TO DESTROY OUR D’MOCRUSSEE’ which OJI began within microseconds of the (Israeli engineered) terrorist attacks taking place on 9/11 will have new life breathed into it.

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