TOP STORYIn this video, Luke is joined by G Edward Griffin and Josh Sigurdson to discuss the evergrowing deficit that has now hit an astonishing 22 trillion dollars. Trump Says The Fed Is More Dangerous Than China As Debt Hits 22 Trillion.The Media And Politicians Are Huge Jokes!
 The continual foul smelling grotesque trash that is constantly spewed out by our establishment politicians and mainstream media alike is nothing more than a propaganda machine recycling the same hot garbage again and again. War, taxation, more government control, promises of free stuff and RUSSIAAAAAAH! It’s almost as if the reality we are presented with is nothing more than a sad comedic parody of a mix between George Orwell’s book 1984 and Mike Judge’s film Idiocracy.

Just this week alone we have had a freshman member of Congress introduce a resolution that promises not only to guarantee an amazing job to each and every American but to turn every building into a power-plant, stop cows from farting, and right just about every historical injustice ever perpetrated against any marginalized group including every woman ever. You can’t make this stuff up.Luckily there are people that challenge these ideas and narratives that are pushed upon us. Above is a photo of Ron Paul giving his presentation at this years Anarchapulco. Ron Paul is a controversial character because he has consistently spoken against Wars of aggression, unfair taxes, and a police state that continues to encroach on the freedoms of its citizens. Paul launched a presidential campaign in 2008 and although he did not receive the Republican nomination the Ron Paul Revolution continues in many forms today. After all is there any doubt that Rand Paul, Ron’s son, was more than likely elected because of his father and their family values? Ron Paul and his Liberty Report is heads and shoulders above what we get on the evening news every day as well as the mainstream stories that are pumped into our social media feeds via the establishment.

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