Prediction #7The Real Terrorists Are Zionists
Anyone who doubts the identity of the one world government conspirators and their agenda need only unscramble the logo for the 2012 Olympic Games of XXX Olympiad held in London. In 2012, the “shadow government” will be celebrating the fulfillment of their protocols. Let’s be perfectly clear about the meaning of the word “zionist”. Zionist does NOT mean “Jew”. There are Christian zionist extremists of every nationality as well as Jewish Zionist extremists but, fortunately, they are in the minority.WHAT IS A ZIONIST?Zionists are fanatical extremists who believe they have a god-given right to the “promised land” that stretches from the Nile to the Euphrates rivers as mentioned in the Judeo–Christian Bible. That territory includes all of present day Israel and large parts of Syria and Lebanon as well as parts of Eastern Egypt, Sinai, Jordan, Saudi Arabaia, Kuwait, Iraq and Turkey. These nations are all within the Biblical Borders of the so called “promised land” of Israel. As the “chosen ones”, the Zionists have extended their claim to every corner of the globe.UNSCRAMBLEDThe official 2012 Olympic Games logo is a scrambled geometric puzzle shaped like letters in the alphabet. Once the logo is unscrambled, it clearly spells the word ‘ZiON’. Since you are outside the zionist loop, you probably made the intended mistake of thinking the logo represents the numbers “2012”. For the knowing eyes of illuminati “insiders”, the designer dotted the ” i “. Who was the designer that received close to a million dollars in public funds for this travesty? – none other than the illuminati consultancy firm called Wolff Olins. On the Wolff Olins web page, you will find the word ‘sion’ (pas_sion) and related ‘Sion’ imagery.Can it be just a coincidence that the unscrambled Olympics logo clearly spells the word ‘Zion’? Is it also a coincidence that the word ‘Sion’ is found on the website of the agency that created the logo? Is it a coincidence that Wally Olin and his father are both freemasons and that Olins’ company is the same company that designed the Shell and BP logos with illuminati symbolism? No. This can’t happen by chance  Wally Olins left the Wolff Olins firm which still bears his name in 2001 but this does not rule him out as the “ghost” designer of the 2012 logo.PROTOCOLSWhat is this Zion symbol all about? It can be found in a “terrorist” document called “The Protocols of Zion” (also spelled Sion)”. Zionist extremists want you to believe that this document (which is a terrorist step formula for one world domination) is a fraud and “antisemitic”. Don’t believe anyone or any website that tells you that it is authentic or that it is a fraud. The truth can be found where words match the deeds. Read it and judge for yourself by clicking “next”.If you still don’t understand why the “ZiON” logo was designed for the 2012 Olympic games, view the Ring Of Power and Zion King DVD’s available in our STORE
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Resist the new world order
Refuse to recognize the illegitimate privatization claims of the illuminati crime families. Their claims to public property were acquired without public knowledge or consent.  Refuse to obey unjust laws that have been passed by government insiders to disempower you and your nation.The success of the illuminati crime families and their New World Order agenda depends on your obedience of the unfair laws that your nation’s puppet politicians have been quietly passing without public consent.
 1. Disobey Unjust Laws
2. Stop Donating
3. Refuse The Chip
4. Refuse Vaccines
5. Stop Voting
6. Stop Supporting The Troops

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