Why Trump Stands With Saudi Arabia; Deep State is Using This as a Political Weapon Not Because They Give a Shit-Deep State Has Almost Destroyed the Middle East and Left Millions of Children to Starve to DEATH

Trump says US stands with Saudi Arabia despite journalist Khashoggi’s killing

by TUT editor

ed note–before all the usual suspects react with all the usual Jrama and ill-conceived theatrics, a few inconvenient facts are in order here.

Yes, the KSA and its various components are brutal, compliant thugs when it comes to American/Zionist designs on the Middle East and have been such for a long time. Not only do they cooperate with Israel’s Holocaust of the Palestinian people, but as well have sat back as others have suffered equal measure in Iraq, Syria, Libya, etc, as well as the KSA’s role in the Holocaust of the people of Yemen.

However,  there are a few glaring items involved in all of this that should–at least to those who claim a certain degree of expert-cy on modern geo-politics where Israel and Jewish interests are involved–raise a few eyebrows and prompt a few questions that then leads to a certain degree of skepticism.

1. Certainly those who are alleged to have been caught on tape performing the murder of Khashoggi and all the chatter that followed–being after all highly-trained intelligence officers–knew they were being watched, followed, monitored, video-taped, audio-taped etc, and yet we are supposed to believe that these highly-trained intelligence officers did not take any of this into account when going through all the motions and maneuvers necessary in performing what would become a HIGH PROFILE political murder in a FOREIGN COUNTRY where they KNEW they were under the microscope of that country’s (as well as others) intelligence services.

The only reasonable explanation for this is that those ‘seen’ on tape were either doubles hired out by Mossad or the CIA or else that they were the ‘real deal’ but had been ‘gotten to’ and through a mixed stew of blackmail and bribery, forced into performing all the required actions that would be needed for this operation.

2. The sudden (feigned) outrage over Khashoggi’s murder on the part of the same American ‘Deep State’ that is responsible for an incalculably-high number of deaths, including those in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, etc, as well as the ‘coming to Jesus’ moment that the same JMSM media in America that is owned lock/stock/barrel by the same forces in control of the America Deep State (ADS) should serve as a serious wake-up call vis the real nature of what is at work here–bringing down the crown prince who is set to play a pivotal role in Trump’s ‘peace deal’ in the Middle East, not only in terms of logistics, but as well, the $ funding for rehabilitating the economy of the beleaguered Palestinian people so that they will forget about how miserable they are and instead focus on rebuilding their lives that have been destroyed by Israel.

Remember, the Khashoggi killing is–by comparison–NOTHING in terms of what has taken place on the part of the KSA with the willful collusion, collaboration, and support of the same ADS/JMSM hydra that is now in full-throat screech mode in trying to implode the government of Saudi Arabia.

Trump–for his part–knows full well what is going on which is why he is not playing along with what he knows is the real target in all of this–the destruction of his ‘peace deal’.

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TUT editor | 11/20/2018 at

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