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Hydro Nitro
Help Energize Your Body With This Lightly Carbonated Superfuel Drink

Quickly enters cells and tissues as fast as a hot knife cuts butter. Add two heart-friendly ingredients, and this novel lightly carbonated water becomes a powerhouse for energy and clear thinking. Don’t risk dangerous energy drinks. Contains an ingredient that won the Nobel Prize, and one that was awarded ‘Molecule of the Year.’ Your arteries will love it.


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One of the Most Perfect Foods on Earth, Have You Discovered It?

If you blasted off into space and could take only one food, it might be this, as NASA considers feeding it to astronauts on possible missions to Mars. With plentiful antioxidants and protein, it requires 10 times less water than other vegetables to produce and can be harvested year-round.


spirulina health benefits

New Ginger Study Makes Incredible Discovery

A new study exploring the phytochemical properties of ginger reveals its remarkable ability to detoxify radiation, industrial pollutants and pesticides. Further, with obesity and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease attributed to the liver, ginger has been identified as an essential agent for both detoxification and an effective, inexpensive support strategy.


health benefits of ginger

Can Iodine Boost Your IQ?

Studies have shown that pregnant women with low levels of iodine impact their babies’ cognitive and neurodevelopmental health. Among the rest of the population, even a moderate drop in iodine levels can cause a 10- to 15-point decrease in your IQ. Conversely, upping your iodine intake can boost cognition.


iodine brain health

Weekly Health Quiz: Infants, Nitrogen and Exercise

Take this week’s quiz to see how well you remember what you read on Mercola.com last week.


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Fermented Mushroom Complex
An Ancient Method Used to Support Optimal Immune Function

For centuries, many Eastern cultures have long recognized mushrooms for their health-promoting attributes. My Fermented Mushroom Complex is made from the mycelium of real, whole food mushrooms.

Spotlight of the Week

Witch Hazel May Work Wonders on Your Skin

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Learn more about witch hazel, its uses, benefits and how you can grow this plant from the comfort of your own home.

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