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By now, it’s very clear that the traditional pre-election “October Surprise” is coming in the form of this fake-as-can-be Turd World “migrant caravan.” By “fake,” we don’t mean to suggest that there is not a mob of invaders headed for the United States. No, the fakery lies in the ridiculous misconception that this is some sort of spontaneous gathering of desperate Honduran / Guatemalan marchers whose arrival is, coincidentally, projected to happen just before Election Day.
“How conveeenient,” as the “Church Lady” of old Saturday Night Live fame used to say.
Image result for october surprise Image result for church lady convenientImage result for november 6 2018 calendar
The crisis is timed to come to a head in late October / early November — just before the big date of November 6th. — How comveeenient!
First of all, the land-route distance between Central America and the U.S. is about 2,100 tough miles. It is self-evident dishonesty for the Fake News to continue — both in print and in staged photos — to portray this mob as “swimmers” and “marchers” and “trekkers.” From the article:
“About 2,000 Central American migrants who circumvented the Mexican police at a border bridge and swam, forded and floated across the river from Guatemala decided on Saturday to re-form their mass caravan and continue their trek toward the United States.”

Gathered at a park in the border city of Ciudad Hidalgo, the migrants voted by a show of hands and then marched to the bridge to urge those still there to cross the river and join them.

“Let’s all walk together!” and “Yes, we can!” they cried, defying recent warnings from President Trump to turn back.”
How are women and children going to “trek” 2,100 miles, in 90 + degree heat, “swimming” and “rafting” across rivers along the way (rolling eyes), across rugged undeveloped and unprotected terrain, in just two weeks? Where and what will they eat? Where will they sleep? Where will they relieve themselves and wash-up? Why were the notorious bad-asses of the Mexican Federal Police (Los Federales) so easily overpowered as this mob disobediently crossed into Mexico on their way north?
A bit of critical thinking quickly reveals that the images of long lines of marchers are staged for the boobs watching on TV. The mob only marches for a mile or so, before re-boarding air-conditioned buses destined for the next hotel stop.
Image result for honduras to us by land Image result for migrants honduras on buses
With a land distance of nearly 2,100 miles between Central America and the U.S., the “marching” is obviously all just for show. The grand “trek” depends upon air-conditioned buses and hotels (#3 is an actual image of these invaders boarding buses).
Knowing, with 100% certainty, that this unfolding event is being staged for the upcoming mid-term elections, the question remains: Who is behind this “October Surprise?” We see only two possibilities here:
Theory # 1: Black Hats
Soros and his evil minions may want to force Trump into making a strong move against “the women and children” . When that happens, out will come the vials of fake blood and cannisters of fake tear gas. There will be gut-wrenching tears and screams as the Fake News attacks the cruel “authoritarian”  and his “racist” ™ Republican supporters. The goal of this play, of course, would be to motivate “Hispanics”  and soft-hearted / soft-headed normies to get out and express their displeasure on Election Day. This is a very plausible scenario, notwithstanding the possibility that it could easily backfire and end up actually helping the Republicans.
Theory # 2: White Hats
Trump and the “White Hats” of the various Intelligence Agencies (military in particular) may be the ones behind the operation — the objective being to blame the Demonrats for inviting the illegal invasion; and then contrasting that to a strong move by Trump. Illegal immigration is a winning issue for Trump and this “caravan” may end up being an electoral godsend for the Republicans — by design?
Either scenario makes sense, but we’re leaning toward #2. What do “youse guys” think?
 Image result for honduran caravan Image result for soros chess Image result for trump chess
The “caravan” is definitely an “October Surprise” chess move. The question is: Who is behind this strategic operation? — Soros (Image 1), or Trump?


  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that the caravan of migrants from Honduras is expected to arrive at the U.S. border just before election day.

Boobus Americanus 2: Wow, what timing!



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