Wonder How Many 100’s of Thousand’s Judge Kavanaugh’s Accuser Was Paid? Please Audit Her Bank Accounts

Why the revelation of Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser was inevitable, and why it still means nothing

by TUT editor


TOWNHALL – The alleged incident left Christine Blasey Ford so traumatized, apparently, that she neglected to go public or even file a police report for … wait for it … 36 years.

And it’s not like she didn’t have plenty of opportunities during those nearly four decades. Yet, Ford was silent with Kavanaugh clerked at the Supreme Court, silent when he was a White House attorney, and still silent after Kavanaugh became a U.S. Circuit Judge in 2006 – a process that required a lengthy and controversial Senate confirmation – and all the years thereafter, even as he weighed in on important cases regarding the environment, separation of powers, human rights, and criminal procedure, among others.

Now, on the eve of Senate confirmation, Ford – a California clinical psychology college professor who just happens to be a registered Democrat – decides that justice MUST be served. It’s her “civic responsibility,” don’t you know… CONTINUE READING

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