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Donald Trump’s comments on 9/11 suggest that bombs were involved in taking down the World Trade towers. He joins a long and growing list of people suggesting that this was actually a controlled demolition.

Since 2010 vs the decade prior, we have seen an increase of 144% of AI in movies. Also since then, we have seen a dramatic rise of said AI now taking on new roles in both Hollywood and our day-to-day, including the workforce.

Whether or not self-consciousness is an challenge you deal with regularly, we all have things we are unnecessarily ashamed. These are 7 in particular we all could benefit from embracing rather than hiding.

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Joe discusses the ever important subject of evolving media and the various blind spots we have when looking at current affairs and spirituality. The world of media is in desperate need of a shift in media, and it’s here.

Free David Wilcock Interview
We interviewed David Wilcock about the Fall Of The Cabal and Disclosure. This was a fascinating interview that is insanely relevant to today. Click here to watch
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