A Palestinian Father Wonders Why the Israeli Army Had to Kill His 14-year-old Son

by TUT editor

Arkan Muzhir threw stones at army jeeps that entered the Deheisheh refugee camp. ‘If he threw a stone,’ his father asks, ‘couldn’t they shoot him in the leg?’

ed note–please take a moment and READ the quotation in the picture above, as it appears, word-for-word, in the book of Deuteronomy.

20 words, all of which need no more than a mere 3 seconds to read, and in that 3 second endeavor, one can see in very clear, plain, black and white language the obvious answer to the grieving Palestinian father’s question as to ‘why’ the Jooz killed his beloved son.

And yet, despite the fact that these 20 words hold the key to understanding why there has been bloodshed in the Middle East for the last century, and even more importantly–why the world now teeters on the brink of Armageddon, virtually NO ONE save for a few in a handful of isolated neighborhoods will consider the weight of those 20 words and the effect that they are having on the lives of 7 billion people inhabiting God’s green earth today.

Instead, what we get is a convoluted vaudeville black comedy number, where con artists working to distract people from understanding the ugly truth of the matter conjure up all sorts of irrelevant, contradictory, and confusing verbage that takes us off the path of what would otherwise be our own kristol clear understanding of those 20 words, how they play themselves out today and what they will bring to all of us tomorrow, to wit–


When instead, what real seekers of the truth should be seeing is this–

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