Discussion of Politics & Geopolitics


My Comment:  The United States Military has definitely been the thug for the NWO illuminati criminals.  These criminals are ‘JEWS.’   They own American Media, Politicians, War Industrial Complex, Big Pharma, Banking, Federal Reserve, Publishing, Healthcare, and ALL of D.C.  as well as even Politicians at the State and Local Levels.  President Trump is as independent of them as any politician can possibly be which is why they are so vicious towards him.  These ‘Jews’ own Planned Parenthood and profit off of killing gentile babies.  They promote a false history, lies & deceit.  They are really ZIONISTS-Synagogue of Satan ‘jews’.  They want an economic collapse of the United States which they will then blame on President Trump.  Believe me it will NOT be his fault ……………………the Federal Reserve massive over printing of money, taking the dollar off of the gold std. in the 1970’s under Nixon, even killing two Presidents that wanted the U.S. Treasury printing Greenbacks and Silver dollars (Lincoln & Kennedy) and replacing our legitimate currency with their Monopoly Money.  It is ALL these ‘Jews’ who are actually Zionists Fault!!!

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