How Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh may affect issues that matter to Jews

by TUT editor

Progressive groups concerned Trump’s nominee may be threat to reproductive rights while Orthodox group welcome his record on religious liberty

ed note–again, without even reading the piece itself but merely considering the TITLE underscores the gorilla in the room which no one is allowed to discuss. Imagine for a moment the screeching campaign that would take place if back when the present Judaic occupants sitting on the Supreme Court were being vetted, news pieces were published discussing how the legal decisions on the part of a Judaic SCJ would  affect Gentiles living in America.

Mon Dieu, the noise…

Putting that aside however, what it does reveal–decades or even generations too late–is that the Jews as a group DO NOT share any of the moral or cultural values held sacrosanct by orthodox Christians and Muslims and why they should not be included in any kind of ‘group hug’ thing as is so often the case today. As Shakespeare once wrote, they come wearing smiles but bearing daggers.

Please note the utter hypocrisy on the part of Jody Rabhan, director of the National Council of Jewish Women who kvetches that Kavanaugh would ‘use religion’ in his legal decisions, despite the fact that Jewish religious protocols have been used in guiding US law on a myriad of issues from legalized infanticide to the billions in monetary support that Israel receives from the US every year.

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