Thank YOU President Trump…God Bless You & Protect You!

Trump has attacked U.S. intel agencies, now expect them to strike back.

by TUT editor

ed note–it should not need extensive explanation, but we’ll do it anyway in the interests of being thorough.

The intelligence agencies of the US exist for the sole purpose of aiding the President, who is the chief executive officer of the political corporation known as the US and particularly vis a vis his role as Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces. That these agencies are working against him in a political manner when in fact they are subordinate to him is the equivalent of the S2 section (intelligence) of an army that is tasked with providing the commanding general of that army with the information he needs in order to prosecute war and engage in battle deliberately acting to sabotage his efforts.

The last time we witnessed something like this in terms of substance and scale was JFK and his plans of moving against Israel by denying her the nuclear-weapons capacity she was trying to attain and also denuding Judea, Inc’s ability to control the political process in America by forcing the American Zionist Council (forerunner to AIPAC) to register as a foreign agency under the FARA guidelines.

And yes, in public, JFK said/did all sorts of kissy-faced gestures in pleasing American and Israeli Jews, all the while he was maneuvering against them behind the scenes, as brilliantly outlined by the late, great, and greatly-missed Michael Collins Piper in Chapter 5 of his brilliant book Final Judgmententitled ‘JFK’s Secret War With Israel’.

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