LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat Tonight!

LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat

July 5, 2018 – 9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific

Moderator – Dennis Speed, LaRouchePAC, Manhattan
Guest – TBD

Conference call dial-in number: 641-715-3655
Access code: 787070#

Backup number: 951-262-7373

To ask a question, dial *6 during the call to enter the queue

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As the breakthrough Trump/Putin summit approaches, the British and their corrupted appendages in the U.S. and Europe are in an apoplectic fit. Since rage is a corrosive emotion, their warfighting potential is limited. They completely lack imagination. Witness, the rolling out in Britain of a renewed Skripal hoax, where two British citizens are alleged to have been poisoned by the same “Russian” nerve agent that Teresa May used in a futile attempt to poison the Trump/Putin relationship. Witness, the rolling out, to limp media fanfare, of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report that after months of investigation it is found that John Brennan’s fake assessment of Russian interference on behalf of Trump in the 2016 election is free from bias and generally “on point.” Was anyone expecting anything different from Richard (I played in too many football games) Burr or, (pomposity in adolescence personified) Mark Warner? Witness the transformation of the Democratic Party into the Jacobin Mob acting on behalf of British interests. For those who know the relevant history, the Party has returned to its very evil roots in an act of self-immolation. Trump is fighting back, hard. The appearance of the 9/11 plaintiffs on Sean Hannity’s show and their call for President Trump to declassify everything about 9/11 and Robert Mueller’s role in the coverup is big news, it comes right out of LaRouchePAC’s Mueller dossier.

Now is the time to move boldly. The Schiller Institute just concluded a breakthrough conference in Europe which presented a new paridigm for the world, one based on the development projects and human potentials envisioned for years by Lyndon LaRouche. That vision, reflected in China’s great Belt and Road Initiative, now needs to grow into a dominant force in the United States. It is that potential which has the British and their friends apoplectic about Trump and Putin: an end to the old post-war British free trade framework which has strangled entire generations since the death of Franklin Roosevelt. It is our unique history and confrontation with Lyn’s ideas which have prepared us for this moment—a moment when we can win it all.

Join us for tonight’s discussion.

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