Judea’s War on TRUMP

How They Do It–‘Trump Is the Disaster that Happens When We Jews Forget about ‘Never Forget’

by TUT editor

ed note–we’ve said it before–much of it to no avail, but we’ll say it again nevertheless–the Jews as a group hurl the ‘Nazi’ charge only against perceived enemies whom they plan to destroy and not against their friends, and CERTAINLY not against those who are doing their bidding, and if Trump were as much in the packet of Judea, Inc as so many ‘ek-spurts’ claim, none of this noise would be taking place right now.

That this very basic, very elementary fact of political/historical reality needs any kind of elaborate explanation says a lot about why there is very little (if any) forward momentum in this ‘movement’ and why the doomsday clock ticks forward with little (if any) resistance.

But then again, why should anyone be surprised that this is the case when there are entire swaths of people who–5 years later and despite a tsunami of common sense based counter-evidence–still believe that ‘no one died at Sandy Hook’. Read more of this post

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