Israel Geopolitics: How They Do It

How They Do It– The twin belly dancers who took Cairo and the world by storm

by TUT editor

The twin Jewish belly dancers who took Cairo, and the world, by storm

Very few people knew that the talented Jamal sisters were, in reality, Helena and Bertha Fishel.

ed note–to some, a seemingly innocuous and even irrelevant story, but one which actually speaks entire volumes about ‘how they do it’.

Keep in mind that belly dancing was more than likely NOT the only ‘art’ they plied. Given their Arab looks and false Arabic sounding names and the fact that for all intents and purposes they were involved the ‘sex’ biz, all can rest assured that somewhere in Mossad’s files are pics and graphic details of the various ‘encounters’ that these two sisters had with all sorts of important people and how the details of these encounters were used for blackmail purposes by Israel. Furthermore, given their role as ‘artistes’, this gave them the cover they needed in moving in and out of all sorts of countries without any suspicion on the part of the intelligence services of those countries, all the while they were in effect acting as the eyes and ears of Judea Inc, a factor that obviously needs to be considered as well in the modern day phenomenon known as Hollywood and its role in furthering the interests of the Jewish state.

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