UK-Israeli Asset Tommy Robinson And Israel’s Yinon Plan For Europe

UK – Israeli Asset Tommy Robinson And Israel’s Yinon Plan For Europe

by TUT editor


FORT RUSS – Let’s get straight to the point before we belabor the ins and outs of the Tommy Robinson story and what it all means. Israel is, and has been, supportingjust about every single far-right movement in Europe who will accept its support in exchange for supporting Israel against ‘radical Islam’ in the Middle-East. It has created for itself any movement with the phrase ‘Defense League’ in it. That includes Tommy Robinson’s former comrades of the EDL – English Defense League.

Israel is doing three things, following the basic ‘problem-reaction-solution’ formula. First of all, their influence should neither be over-estimated, nor under-estimated. There is a strategy of tension at play here, and it does not necessarily revolve around Israel, but also revolves around the US which is actually at odds with the EU. But Israel is undoubtedly gaming this whole thing. CONTINUE READING

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