A Manipulative Netanyahu ‘Not on the Level’-Zionist Netanyahu All Lies & Deceit of Zionist Synagogue of Satan

In new memoir, ex-Obama aide bemoans a manipulative Netanyahu ‘not on the level’

by TUT editor

Ben Rhodes’ book ‘The World As It Is’ dishes on 8 acrimonious years of US-Israel ties, when the PM, he says, proved adept at turning Jewish leaders against the president

ed note–several important takeaways from this piece–

1. If indeed, for the 8 years of the Obama administration, Netanyahu worked behind the scenes in ‘skillfully turning the American Jewish establishment against the American president’ over the issue of a ‘peace deal’ with the Palestinians, can all reasonable persons assume then that indeed the same thing is being done right now with Trump?

Please note the following–

‘Netanyahu was remarkably shrewd at galvanizing the kind of pressure on Obama that made it politically unfeasible for the president to push forward on his peace plan and it was far too painful to wade into these waters with no prospect of success, thus the administration’s reluctance to make the Israeli-Palestinian conflict even more of a central focus…Netanyahu had mastered a certain kind of leverage: Using political pressure within the United States to demoralize any meaningful push for peace, just as he used settlements as a means of demoralizing the Palestinians.’

So, how do we reconcile what Rhodes writes concerning the behind-the-scenes acrimony that existed between Obama and Nutty Netty over the issue of a peace deal with the Palestinians with all the nice, lofty, flowery language that Netanyahu uses about the new US President?

You mean it might be entirely possible that Netanyahu actually views Trump as an adversary–as he did with Obama–due to Trump’s stated plan to come to some sort of resolution over the Palestinian question–as did Obama–and that in reality, Netanyahu is pulling the levers behind the scenes in causing Trump as much grief as possible vis a vis the ‘Russia’ probe?


Next–Note how Obama was never more ‘annoyed’ during his 8 years in office than he was just prior to his address to AIPAC in 2012, a generalized way of saying what we have said here all along, which is that in front of the cameras and the mics, US politicians will say nice things about Israel but in their heart of hearts, they can’t stand the Jews and are just itching for the opportunity to free themselves of any and all continued exposure/contact with the parasitical, eternal menace, and that one of the main reasons to what is the generalized and at times over-the-top Judaic opposition to Trump is rotted in the innate understanding on the part of Judea, Inc  that given the right circumstances and the right parameters, Trump’s actions with Israel could open the floodgates of a full scale revolt within the US political class that has grown weary with the having a knife held to its throat and a gun held to its head.

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My Comment:  Satanyahu flashes the Satanic 666 hand signal in the feature picture.  Right in your Face!

TUT editor | 06/06/2018 at 9

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