Satan at the Wailing Wall-by

My Comment:  The Rothchild Satanic Zionists manipulate Politics with Political PACs and Lobbyists taking their big money.  They RUN America and Israel is a Zionist Rothschild Creation.  The Rothschilds are Hard Core Satanists and their Satanic Ceremony was shown in the film:  Eyes Wide Shut with Nicole Kid man (Satanic family and alleged Tranny) With Tom Cruise (allegedly sexually abuses little boys.)

In the movie Eyes Wide Shut starring Tom Cruise the elite satanic cult is revealed right in front of peoples faces … But since they …


“””Kubrick’s final, haunting masterpiece. Vivid, brilliant, unforgettable.”” – Time. Box-office superstar, Oscar-nominee and Golden Globe-winner Tom Cruise and Golden Globe-winner Nicole Kidman star in this erotically charged story of sexual obsession and jealousy. From multiple Oscar and Golden Globe-nominee Stanley Kubrick (“”2001: A Space Odyssey,”” “”The Shining,”” “”A Clockwork Orange””). Co-starring Oscar-winner Sydney Pollack (“”A Civil Action””) and Golden Globe-nominee Thomas Gibson (“”Dharma & Greg””). “”…truly the riskiest film in [Kubrick’s] career…one more brilliantly provocative tour de force…”” – The New York Times. ” #Trailer #WB

Music: Dark Forest – Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask Nicole Kidman has an obvious tranny name: “Nicole KidMAN” but people cannot see the truth in plain sight! Watch this video if you want to know the truth about Nicole Kidman!



May 12, 2013 · Ben Fellows Ben Fellows spills the beans, according to the tap. As a child actor, Ben Fellows was “offered by his agent Sylvia Young to Tom Cruise for sex (Tom chose someone else)”

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